How it Works

Trust Goes Both Ways: Gephardt Approved™

Making customers aware of your business is the first challenge. Getting them to decide to actually do business with you is next. More than ever, every purchase and every penny counts for consumers. Plus, your potential customers have never had more opinions available to them when seeking out the goods and services they demand.

Your Reputation Precedes You

“Word of mouth” advertising has taken on never before imagined reach and importance. Instant online reviews, comments and complaints mean news about your company, both good and bad, travels fast – with greater permanence and importance. Consumers’ knowledge of your industry – and your business in particular – will likely have been developed before they even actually contact you. Why not let them hear views of someone who’s opinion really counts?

“Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” -George Washington

When your business becomes a Gephardt Approved™ business, you immediately distance yourself from your competitors. Having been proven fair, honest, capable and concerned about your customers by the most trusted and knowledgeable name in Utah consumer reporting, your company’s reputation immediately steps forward to the head of the pack – eliminating most barriers for consumers interested in your product or service.

Better yet, Bill’s video profile of your business serves as an easy and comfortable introduction to your products, facility and philosophy. Your next customer will have perfect positive knowledge about your business as seen through Bill’s expert eye, before they ever step up to your door, or dial your number.

Let Bill Do the Boasting For You

Additionally, the potential ability to market your company as Gephardt Approved in your own advertising makes the value of your association work to build consumer trust in every communication.

Truthfully, not every company has the goods to be Gephardt Approved, but if yours does, reap the rewards along with the satisfaction of being among the best in your industry. Harvest the success that should always come with honesty, integrity and belief in doing the right thing – with help from Gephardt Approved.