How The Gephardt Approved Investigation Process Works

Many times consumers and businesses inquire about a Gephardt Approved investigation and what it entails. Our group of investigators has been trained to thoroughly investigate the history, and background of a business and its principals who are interested in Gephardt Approved membership. Our investigators are trained to look out for businesses who have a track record of price gouging, illegal activity, and other deceptive or dishonest practices. When these practices are discovered, a business cannot be Gephardt Approved. The investigative process is an in-depth look at owners, their businesses, and the way they treat their customers and employees.

Items we review during the investigation:

  • The business is properly licensed.
  • Professional license is in good standing within the state. (Applies if business is in a regulated field.)
  • Court search on the business and its principals. (We search for all criminal, civil, debt collection, tax lien, and, delinquent child support lien cases.)
  • Federal court search on the business its principals. (We search for all criminal, civil, and bankruptcy cases.) • Financial stability indicators.
  • The reputation of the business.
  • Previous businesses owned by principals. Review reputation, court cases, etc.

Things We Don’t Do During Investigation:

  • We do NOT compare one business against another; rather our investigation is an analysis of whether or not a business has a good track record.

*If a business interested in becoming Gephardt Approved does not meet our criteria they cannot be approved.
*If a Gephardt Approved company shows a verified pattern of dishonesty, illegal activity, price gouging, or deception, Gephardt Approved Inc. at its own discretion may revoke approval of said business.