“I promise you the best CoolSculpting experience in Utah!”

That’s what AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA co-owner Pattilynn Jensen proclaimed to me when we first met, and by looking into her background and the background of the company, I have no reason to doubt her confidence.

So, if you’re looking for a medical spa that provides CoolSculpting and specialty laser treatments, let me introduce you to a company I trust: AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA, in Lehi, Utah.

I trust this company, because we investigated the business and its owners, Pattilynn Jensen and Brandon Jensen. We checked out the company background, their licensing, and the way they treat their clients.

As a result, I stand by, trust, and endorse AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA, and I’m proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We definitely have the best CoolSculpting experience.”

-Pattilynn Jensen, Co-Owner

“At Avahlee, we provide a great service, but it’s really more than just the service,” says co-owner Pattilynn Jensen. “We definitely have the best CoolSculpting experience around. We know all medical spas are not created equal, and we take tremendous pride in giving our clients a truly amazing experience. It’s all about the experience. That’s kind of our thing.”

“All my clients feel like my friends…”

Our investigation found that Pattilynn Jensen is a licensed Master Esthetician and Esthetician Instructor. Having worked for a plastic surgeon nine years ago, Pattilynn tells me she became particularly interested in working with breast cancer patients.

“I was trained as an esthetician and worked for a plastic surgeon nine years ago,” says Pattilynn. “I found that I really enjoyed working with my breast cancer patients after their surgery, helping them with areola tattooing and skin care needs. Those ladies continue to be very special to me.

“In the fall of 2016, my son and I decided to go into business together, and we founded Avahlee Medical Spa. I love meeting people and making new relationships. Our clients come from all walks of life, and I love getting to meet them and hear their stories. I guess you could say all my clients feel like my friends.”

Pattilynn and Brandon are proud of offering something truly unique and different at AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA. When you first walk in, you can see what Pattilynn means when she says they have the “best CoolSculpting experience.” She has thought about every little detail, from the décor to the catered meals from local restaurants. It’s all designed to give her clients the ultimate medical spa experience.

“We like to pamper our clients so they feel super special,” says Pattilynn. “When they come in, I want them to feel like our place is warm and inviting, so that they feel comfortable right off, almost automatically. We have both men and women clients, actually half of our clients are men. We find that the men are just as complimentary as the women about our spa.

“We also cater meals for our clients. They can choose anything they want from a list of restaurants that are near us. So we do everything we can to help our clients enjoy their CoolScupting experience. It’s like movie day with food!”

“We want to make the quality of life better for our family and for others.”

At AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA, Pattilynn says the services they offer include: Coolsculpting, Face Tightening, Visia Complexion Analysis, Picoway Tattoo Removal, Botox, Pigment & Irregularities, Acne & Acne Scarring, Laser Hair Removal, and much more.

“We have 84 different pieces of equipment in our facility and everyone here has to be certified on all laser equipment,” Pattilynn tells me. “We are focused on providing the best experience while delivering beautiful results. We’re proud to be the only Gephardt Approved CoolSculpting Center in Utah.”

So there you go: AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA: Now you know what I know about AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA. You know about their background, their certifications, and the way they treat their patients.

And now you know why I trust AVAHLEE MEDICAL SPA, and why I am proud to declare them as the only CoolSculpting Center in Utah to be GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt

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