Is your roof missing shingles? Are you searching for a roof installer you can trust to get the job done? You can turn to a company I trust: BRADY ROOFING.

I trust this company because we have investigated BRADY ROOFING and owner Dymon Brady. I have investigated their history, and their licensing.  I have investigated the way he treats his clients.  As a result, I endorse BRADY ROOFING and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We just want our customers taken care of,” says BRADY ROOFING owner Dymon Brady. “I have owned BRADY ROOFING nearly 20 years, but I have been in this line of work for over 28 years. I am on job sites daily, making sure my customers are getting exactly what they want.”

“We just want our customers taken care of.” – Dymon Brady, owner

Dymon tells me that BRADY ROOFING can take care of all of your roofing and gutter needs. “We specialize in all residential and commercial roofing. We work on new homes, and homes that need a bit of a touch up. My team of experts also works on pitched roof installation, asphalt shingles of all kinds, metal roofing, shakes, low slope, membrane roofing, and roof inspections.”

“When a customer purchases a new home the last thing on their minds is a new roof or a re-roof. Unfortunately, a lot of the work my company does is fixing others work. Last year we were contracted to re-roof a brand-new, million dollar home. Doing your research is key in this business”

“I only hire knowledgeable, and professional installers. ” – Dymon Brady

Dymon tells me that one of the reasons his guys get it done right the first time is his team. “My guys are truly some of the best in the business. I only hire knowledgeable and professional installers. All of the installers go through, and pass an exam provided by the various manufacturers. They become certified. All of our estimators follow a similar training course and have to pass exams so they understand the product and what the cost will be to the customer.”

“Your roof is only as good as the care and attention the installers give the installation. You can spend a lot of money on a great product, but if the installer doesn’t pay attention to how it’s installed, it won’t last. My company does not cut corners and we pay attention to every detail. This is why we don’t have shingles blow off or water leaks. We do quality work.”

When it comes to warranty, BRADY ROOFING seems to favor the customer. “We offer up to 50 years of warranty for labor and product for new construction. We just want to make sure our customers have peace of mind when they select us.”

So there you go: BRADY ROOFING. Now you know what I know about the company. You know about their history, and their licensing. You know about owner Dymon Brady and his commitment to satisfying customers.

Now you know why I trust BRADY ROOFING and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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