If you’re looking for a company you can trust with your electrical, plumbing, or heating and air conditioning needs, let me introduce you to one that I trust: CONNECT HEATING & AIR.

I trust CONNECT HEATING & AIR, because we investigated their history, licensing, and the way they do business. We also investigated the background of co-owners Kenneth and LeeAnne Chapman.

As a result, I trust and endorse CONNECT HEATING & AIR and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We’re motivated to meet all of our customers’ needs.”

– LeeAnne Chapman, Co-Owner, Connect Heating & Air

“We’re here to help people with their plumbing, electrical, furnace, and air conditioner repairs,” says co-owner LeeAnne Chapman. “We have professional contractors, heating and air specialists, electricians, and plumbers with years of proven experience. We’re motivated to meet all of our customers’ needs.”

Our Motto: “Four Trades, One Call”

“The name ‘Connect Heating & Air’ comes from our mission to be skilled in electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning,” says co-owner Kenneth Chapman. “We connect everything together.”

“In fact, that’s our motto,” says LeeAnne. “Four Trades, One Call: If you have electrical, plumbing, or heating and air conditioning problems, you only have to call one number.”

According to LeeAnne, CONNECT HEATING & AIR has been in business locally since 2012, providing quality building services for Utah contractors and families in Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, and Summit Counties. “Our first customer was a family member who wanted us to do their new house,” says LeeAnne. “It started from there. Now we’re a proud member of the National Association of Home Builders. We’ve built our reputation by offering a good product and service at a good price to contractors and homeowners alike.”

For LeeAnne and her husband Kenneth, it’s not just about providing a good product at a fair price. It’s about getting to know everybody. “We take pride in developing good relationships with our customers and communicating with them on project design and completion,” says LeeAnne.

“We take the time that’s needed to educate our customers so they understand what’s going on,” LeeAnne tells me. “We’ve noticed that’s what helps customers feel more comfortable. We don’t stop until our customer is fully equipped to handle the elements.”

So there you go: CONNECT HEATING & AIR: Now you know the background and history of this company and how they treat their customers.

And now you know why I trust CONNECT HEATING & AIR, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt


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