If you’re looking for a pet cemetery to memorialize your animal companion, you can turn to a company I trust: MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES.

I trust MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES, because we investigated their history, licensing, and their commitment to customer service. As a result, I trust and endorse MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES, and I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“…Our motto is excellence…” – Jordan Buckner, MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES

“I think, overall, customers can expect us to provide the utmost customer service,” says Jordan Buckner, of MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES. “Everyone who works for us has a commitment to service and a commitment to excellence. In fact, our motto is excellence. In everything we do, we’re going to excel.”

According to the company website, MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES began in the early 1950s as a small idea, namely to offer a memorial park at the mouth of Little Cottonwood Canyon. Seeing a need for a memorial park in the Salt Lake Valley that stood apart from other locations, a group of church and civic leaders designed a memorial park with a mortuary on the premises. Set at the foot of the Cottonwood Canyons, Mountain View Memorial Estates became the first combined mortuary and memorial park in the Intermountain West.

Jordan tells us that, over the next several decades, MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES grew from a seedling of an idea into one of the most respected and dedicated funeral service companies in Utah. It now includes seven mortuaries and five cemeteries.

“We have more facilities than other companies,” Jordan tells us. “As we’ve grown, we’ve always kept close attention to important details and quality service. We have everything you might need. You don’t have to go anywhere else.”

Jordan is proud to tell us that their funeral directors care about the families they help. “We’re here to do whatever is best for the family. Our goal is to understand what the family needs, and give that to them.”

So there you go: MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES: Now you know what I know about their history, licensing, and their commitment to customer service.

And now you know why I trust MEMORIAL MORTUARIES & CEMETERIES, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt


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