If you’re looking for a flooring company I trust, you could turn to: FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT.  We have investigated FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT and its owner Rich Ure. We dug into their history, services, and licensing. We looked at how they treat their customers.  As a result, I trust FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT, and I am proud to stand by them, and declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“Over 48 years of experience.”

“I have been involved in the flooring industry for over 48 years,” says FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT owner, Rich Ure. “It’s all about loving what you do. We are a second generation company that loves to have fun, get to know our clients, and their needs.”

“Nearly 50 years ago my high school sweetheart’s brother asked me if I wanted a job in his flooring store. I didn’t know a lot back then about the flooring industry but I thought it sounded interesting. I started part-time with him, fell in love with the industry. I also fell in love with and married his sister. The rest is history,” says Rich.

“I can get any product out there.”

Rich tells me his store offers experience and a whole lot of product. “We probably stock more product than any of our competitors. We’ve got carpet, hardwood, vinyl and laminate, tile and LVT. I’ve got high end products, mid-price point products, and flooring to furnish rentals. I can get any brand out there and I can do it quickly.”

When it comes to estimates, Rich says FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT provides those within just a few days. “We’re unique in the sense that our sales representatives provide the estimates. They know the job and the customers better than anyone. Our representatives have a very deep knowledge of products. If you have five kids or three dogs, it’s important to select a product that will hold up for you. They know their products and they will be able to assist you with selecting the best ones.”

Then there’s pricing. “When it comes to price point my competitors can’t beat me. Our goal is not only to offer the best quality in the industry but the best pricing. If our customers come to us with a certain budget, we will do everything in our power to stick to that budget. We want our customers to have fun shopping for new flooring, about put pricing in the back of their mind. “

“We believe in our product and services.”

“My reputation as a business owner has always been extremely important to me. When I see former or current customers at the grocery store I want them to feel comfortable stopping and having a chat. If they’re trying to duck around the corner and avoid me I know I’ve got a problem. I will never lie to a customer or compromise my service. If something goes wrong I will go out of my way to satisfy the customer. I don’t believe in games. I tell my staff that the moment I start worrying about how much it costs me to fix a problem, it’s time for me to get out of the industry,” says Rich.

So there you go: FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT. Now you know what I know about the business and its owner. You know about their history and services. You know about their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Now you know why I trust FACTORY FLOORING DIRECT, why I am proud to stand by the business, and declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

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