It is likely that you will only need to have the transmission in your vehicle repaired a couple times in your life…but when that time comes, who would you trust with your vehicle? You could turn to a company I trust: Freeway Transmissions. I trust the company because I’ve investigated the way they operate their business, and the way they treat their customers, and as a result, I am proud to endorse Freeway Transmissions as Gephardt Approved.

“I treat a customer’s vehicle like it’s my own vehicle.” says lead technician Gordon Gamradt. That reflects an attitude I found with everyone I talked to at Freeway Transmissions.

That way of doing business has been passed along from the founder of Freeway Transmissions for the past 45 years. The retired Gayle Nilson told me it’s all about how he treated his customers in the beginning that grew his business. “I never did any advertising,” said Gayle. “I treated customers well and hoped they would tell their friends. I wanted people to come back to Freeway, spread the word, and it worked.” Indeed, during Gayle’s time running Freeway Transmissions, he expanded beyond fixing transmissions at his downtown Salt Lake shop to rebuilding and selling transmissions in 8 states. “It’s all about honesty. I never took advantage of anyone, I’m proud of it, and proud of what my son is doing.”

“I treat a customer’s vehicle like it’s my own vehicle.”

That son, Mark Nilson, now runs Freeway Transmissions with its three Salt Lake valley stores. Freeway continues to rebuild transmissions in a huge Salt Lake City rebuild center for distribution throughout the Intermountain West. “We have repaired hundreds of thousands of transmissions through the years,” Mark told me. “It provides Freeway with a certain cost saving advantage to our customers. Due to our high level of technical expertise and a clear understanding of common transmission failures, we can usually quote a firm price up front. We offer a free diagnosis of each vehicle which includes checking the fluid, a vehicle test drive, retrieving diagnostic trouble codes and any necessary technical research. With our proven diagnosis method we create a specific plan for each of our customers and 9 out of 10 times no diagnostic fee is required.”

It seems that happy customers make happy employees: “The attitude of the owners make this a pleasant place to work when it comes to solving customer problems,” said 14 year Service Manager, Larry Bennett. “We will not sell a customer anything they don’t need!  Ever!  When it comes to warranties we don’t play games. We take responsibility when it’s evident an error has occurred, that is no fault of our customers, and then we take care of our customer appropriately. If a customer has a problem they can count on a response. If we have the responsibility we will pony up, and when it comes to follow up work or warranty work, that comes first.”

“We have extremely dedicated employees,” Mark said. “Many of them have been with Freeway for over 15 years. Much of Freeway’s success comes from making sure that those employees we hire fit into the company culture. Our employees must have a high level of expertise, a positive attitude, and a customer service oriented personality.”

“With Freeway’s success, my goal is to continue what my father started and stay true to his core values. He established a strong base; which we will continue to expand upon as circumstances allow,” Mark said.

So, Freeway Transmissions: Now you know what I know about this company. Now you know why I trust this company and now you know why I am proud to endorse Freeway Transmissions as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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