Would you know who to trust getting help for a friend or family member struggling with a life-restricting condition? You could turn to a company I trust: Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice.

The Utah Department of Health, Medicare, and Medicaid strictly regulate home care and hospice services, and we looked at all those records. My investigative team has not found any business or customer issues with Maple Creek Home Health & Hospice. That is why I trust them and am proud to endorse this company as Gephardt Approved.

With a staff of 40 full and part-time employees, Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice founder Carma Karsten tells us their whole business is based around turning the idea of keeping physically challenged people comfortably and safely in their homes into reality. Co-founder Toby Karsten, Carma’s husband, says that involves a very close on-going relationship between our people and our clients. And it works: “Many times we become part of the family,” Toby says. “In fact, patients and family members will love Carma and our staff so much that they invite us to family parties, celebrations, and mention us in obituaries, even if we were only able to help for a couple of weeks. That is the real reward in this profession: Making a difference.”

Carma says she came up with the model for Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice after a decade of working in a hospital setting, and another 15 years working in home health and hospice. “I realized the very best place for people to make the most progress, be the happiest and most comfortable, is at home,” she says. “I know that hospitals are a critical part of our health-care system, and I deeply admire the expert care patients receive there. However, when patients are admitted to the hospital, their individuality is quickly lost. They are given a room number and a diagnosis, and often referred to as ‘the gallbladder in 102’, or something like that.”

“We take over from there,” she says. “This is where the nursing skills I learned and loved came into practice. Getting to know the patients, not just by the disease, but on an emotional level as well, and caring for all aspects of the patient. This is what I became a nurse for. Once I became a home health and hospice nurse, I never looked back.”

“I saw corners cut, various issues, and complaints over the years. I knew there was a right way to run a home health and hospice company, and so started my own business in 2009,” she explains. “Now I have control over every aspect of home health and hospice. We will never cut corners, even if we have to lose money on a patient. We visit our patients more frequently than other home health and hospices do, even though we are paid the same. That gives our patients more value for their money. Also, we look for ways to go the extra mile, like bringing our patients their favorite treats, and remembering special occasions. I am involved with every one of our patients, handling problems myself,” Carma says. “We answer our phones 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is no answering machine. We can get to our patients within an hour, any time of the day.”

“Your Home, Your Life”

Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice has grown to serve Utah County, Juab County, and Sanpete County. “We aren’t interested in taking over the state,” Carma says. “We are focused on being the best in our area.”

Toby Karsten says the growth and success are about a commitment to satisfied patients and families, and to happy employees. “As a business owner, I understand that you get what you pay for. That is why we pay our employees above market rate for their professions. We want excellent people working for us – people who are as passionate about home health and hospice care as we are,” he explains. “We turn a lot of potential employees away looking for the right fit, and looking for aides that will fit CHAP guidelines.”

CHAP, is the Community Health Accreditation Program, and both Carma and Toby are proud of their accomplishment. “The accreditation process through CHAP is very entailed. Investigators fly out to visit your facility, unannounced, so you can’t prepare for the visit. They go through policies and procedures with a fine tooth comb, go on ride-alongs to observe patient care and interaction, they really put you under the microscope,” Toby says. “If you don’t pass, you have to start completely over, correcting any deficiencies you were given. Even after you have received accreditation, CHAP re-audits you every 3 years, with no advance notice. Accreditation is now required to get licensed, and to work with government health care programs, like Medicare. However, older businesses don’t have to be accredited. Therefore, they are not held to the same higher standard that we are. There are only a couple accredited home health and hospice companies in Utah County. We worked very hard to earn ours and are very proud of it.

So, there you go: Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice. Now you know what our independent background investigation found and now you know the attitude of the founder and owner.

Now you know why I trust Maple Creek Home Health and Hospice, why I am proud to endorse this company, and declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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