“It was more beautiful than I ever thought it would be,” said Kayleen Rodemack of the cemetery memorial created for her late son.

“You did very, very well by approving this company,” Kaysville City supervisor, Vance Garfield, told me.

Both Kayleen and Vance are talking about their experiences with the Mark H. Bott Company in Ogden. The company creates granite memorials in cemeteries. They also work with cities, counties, towns, and states which want to memorialize a person or event.

“We create memories. When you visit the gravesite of a loved one, what feelings and memories would you like recreated? That is what we do.”

And, based on my research and what I heard from consumers, if you’re looking for a company you can trust when it comes to creating a memorial for a loved one, you could turn to a company I trust Mark H. Bott Company. I am truly proud to declare this four-generation owned and operated company Gephardt Approved.

When a loved one passes away, Bott says family members often don’t know where to begin creating a memorial. “We get a history of the family and a history of the loved one. Then, we set out to create a memorial that matches the memory so that when anyone visits the gravesite and looks at the memorial, those memories come back. It is an art that has been passed along from generation to generation to me, from my great-grandfather, who founded the company in 1875.”

In fact, says Bott, at the time of the founding of the company, his great-grandfather, John Henry Bott, at age 16, traveled back and forth to Salt Lake City creating the granite work on the Mormon Temple downtown.

“We create memorials “because someone lived.”

“We create memorials “because someone served.”

“What they created for me was more beautiful than I ever imagined it would be,” Kayleen Rodemack told me. She lost her 16 year old son recently. “I wanted the memorial to be what his life was but I really didn’t know what I wanted. So, we talked. They were very patient and very kind and they said, ‘let us see what we can come up with.’  They were incredible what they developed from what we described. Incredible!”

One of the people Kayleen spoke to was 12 year employee David Randall. “We are not in the business of selling stones. We sell memories. When family members go to the cemetery, if we can have a memorial that is a happy memory of the loved ones, then we have succeeded.”

The company has a storefront and showroom in Ogden, and nearby, Dave Bott invited me to their factory. That is where I believe the art and uniqueness to every memorial begins. It is there I saw the computer design and layout area. Close-by are the sand blasters which the artists use to carve words and designs into the granite. A separate laser machine, Dave explained, actually changes the surface color of the granite to create images of faces and landscapes, depending on the final design created by family members and employees. (It is really a fascinating factory tour. I asked David Bott if he would give his customers the same tour. He told me he would be pleased to show his facility to anyone who asks).

“These are the most talented artists I’ve ever heard of when it comes to granite,” Vance Garfield said. Garfield is the Supervisor for Parks and Recreation and Cemetery Operations in Kaysville. “They are incredible at what they do. Very unique. Really creative. You did very well by approving them,” he told me.

Garfield invites anyone to view the 3 pillar memorial the Mark H. Bott Company created for the Kaysville Arboretum (200 South Angels Street, Kaysville). In fact, the company has been hired to create dozens of memorials for cities and towns (markhbottco.com/product-civic).

“We offer standard markers,” Bott says. “Sometimes that’s all a particular cemetery will allow, but even on standard markers, each one is unique to create a unique memory.” (https://www.markhbottco.com/monument_gallery/bott-signature)

Oh, and one more thing: Bott says if they make a mistake, they don’t repair the mistake. They start all over with a new piece of granite!

So, Mark H. Bott Company: now you know some of the things I found out about this company. Now you know what my background investigation found. Now you know why I trust this company and stand behind them and why I am proud to declare Mark H. Bott Company as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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