If you’re looking for a pavement maintenance company that offers sealcoat, equipment, and professional advice, let me introduce you to a company I trust: SEALMASTER UTAH.

I trust SEALMASTER UTAH, because we investigated the company background, their history, licensing, and the way they treat their customers.

As a result, I stand by, trust and endorse SEALMASTER UTAH, and I’m proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“We’re the best! We not only come from the experience of having a successful SealMaster franchise in Hawaii, but we also have the backing of SealMaster corporation,” says co-owner John Moody of SealMaster Utah. “The formulas we use are proven in all climates.”

“In my professional opinion, they meet and exceed any available product in the state.”

-Customer Brian Blackner, Advanced Paving

Just ask customer Brian Blackner, of Advanced Paving. He tells me he’s used other sealcoat products, and he prefers to go to SEALMASTER UTAH. “I recently came to Utah, and never had the opportunity to use SealMaster until last year,” says Brian. “They have quality products. In my professional opinion, they meet and exceed any available product in the state.”

John tells me he officially opened the SealMaster franchise in West Valley City, Utah in May, 2017.  As a one-stop source for pavement or asphalt maintenance and equipment, SEALMASTER UTAH has a manufacturing plant, distribution center and retail showroom that serves the entire state of Utah. “We manufacture pavement sealer and distribute a full line of pavement maintenance products and equipment,” says John. “We have crack sealants, pavement repair materials, traffic paints, dust suppressants, tools, and accessories, as well as all of the machines you need to apply all the materials.”

John tells me working with construction companies comes naturally, since his family has been in construction for more than a century. He says, over the years, they’ve seen a change in the industry, moving from repairing and replacing pavement to pavement maintenance. “My family is in construction, since 1985. We’ve had a lot of construction companies ask for help with pavement maintenance, so we searched what’s out there on our own. By far, we liked the SealMaster brand the best. The quality you get with the research and development, as well as the quality control system we have in place. We push out a consistent product that is high quality.

“So, we became installers for SealMaster, and started SealMaster Hawaii in 2004. When we saw the opportunity to start a sealcoat company in the Utah market, we jumped on it before it was scooped up by someone else. We have family here, and we’re excited to invest in our home state and contribute to the economy here in Utah.”

“They are honest guys…they know what they are doing.”

-Brian Blackner

For customers like Brian Blackner, SEALMASTER UTAH offers quality sealcoat products, plus the convenience of keeping their doors open all year long. “SealMaster does not shut down over the winter,” says Brian. “I’m excited about the start up this season. You can get started whenever you get a warm spell, and you don’t need to worry about freezing. It’s a great product, and they are here to help with any question. They are honest guys. They know what they are doing.”

In addition to sealcoat products and equipment, John tells me SealMaster offers a separate line of products specially designed for recreation. “We also have a line of sport surfacing products,” says John. “As a representative for SealMaster, we offer the SPORTMASTER line of products. Whether you are managing public or private sport surfaces, we are here to help with a complete line of products for tennis, basketball, or skating surfaces.”

“We’re friendly, motivated, and here to help.”

John says the majority of his customers are contractors, but if anyone needs help, including homeowners, he can provide the necessary assistance or referrals. “We offer free consultation with the process,” says John. “The demand for pavement maintenance continues to grow as pavement professionals, property managers, and homeowners look for ways to preserve one of their biggest assets. It’s a pleasure to do business in Utah, because everyone is proactive on maintenance, and they see the benefits of using our support services and products. We’re friendly, motivated, and here to help.”

So there you go: SEALMASTER UTAH: Now you know what our investigation revealed about this company’s history, starting in Hawaii, and their commitment to their customers.

And now you know why I trust SEALMASTER UTAH, and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt



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