4732 N. Highway 6, Helper, UT, Helper, Utah 84526

Castle Country RV

4732 N. Highway 6, Helper, UT, Helper, Utah 84526


Looking for a quality RV? Check out the inventory at our Castle Country RV locations in Helper and Logan. Our prices are low because the dealership offers 100% of the things you need, not the things you don't!

"Their main concern was what my family wanted,” says Castle Country RV customer Jason Moss of Hooper.

That was a common theme I heard when I reached out to customers of the company. People told me the owner seemed more interested in making sure his customers got what they wanted and could afford their purchase over simply making a sale.

Customer Carson Nielsen of Herriman, Utah told me, “They wanted to get me the right trailer, not just a trailer. They found out the things that are important to me and my wife.”

Then I got a surprise: there was something else which more than one customer told me about their dealings with Castle Country RV: extreme customer service. “I had a problem with a heater, and we were off at a campsite on Bear Lake,” said Jason Moss of Hooper, Utah. “Jeff actually sent one of his technicians to Bear Lake with the part to fix it on the spot. It was amazing!!”

Jeff” is actually Jeff Child, the owner of Castle Country RV, in Price and Logan. “I’m less worried about making money,” he told me. “It’s more about trying to make people happy.

“The first thing we ask every customer is what brings them. What are their needs and desires with an R.V.? We make the R.V. fit the customer, not the other way around.”

"...we don't have a lot of overhead...we can pass on the savings..."

Jamie Child, Castle Country RV

So, if you’re looking for a company I trust for the purchase of a new or pre-owned R.V., you can turn to a company I trust: Castle Country RV, in Helper and Logan. I trust this company because we have thoroughly investigated the background of both the company and the owner through many avenues, including licensing and state and federal courts. And, we have investigated how they treat their customers.

As a result, I am proud to support and endorse Castle Country RV, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

"where do you find that kind of service..."

Jared Chuchran, customer

Castle Country RV

Castle Country RV Owner Jeff Child and his wife Jamie tell me they pride themselves in running a simple business with all the employees armed with the best information. “That means we can sell the same products as everybody else for less money,” Jamie told me. “We don’t have a lot of overhead. We don’t have these great big grand buildings, so we can pass on those savings. And we do make sure everybody is well trained since we carry all manufacturers.”

“I buy a new camper every 11 months,” says customer Jared Chuchran of Sarasota Springs. Jared says he used to travel east every year to buy directly from the manufacturer to save money. But not anymore, he says, after he found Castle Country RV. “I could call Jeff right now, and he would answer. He would pull over and work through any issues immediately!!”

In fact, Jared had the same experience as Jason Moss. Company technicians came to him to fix a problem. “Every new camper will have a problem,” says Jared. “There was this problem with the water lines not being connected properly. Jeff sent someone to my house immediately, and the problem was taken care of immediately. Where do you find that kind of service?”

Jared also says pricing at Castle Country RV now makes it worth it for him to not travel to the manufacturers back east. “It costs $3000 for the manufacturers to ship it to me here in Utah, and I still got a good deal from the manufacturers. Not any more now that I’ve found Jeff. I won’t buy anywhere else because of the owner.”

That is precisely what Jeff says he likes to hear from his customers. “I’m excited to come to work and be part of it,” he tells me. “It’s fun. It’s exciting. The growth. The challenge. ‘What can I do to make customers happy?’ I ask myself. We are going to be around a long, long time.”

“…the price was the best I found…”

-Carson Nielsen, Customer, Castle Country R.V.

“I’ve purchased 2 trailers from them, and this is where I’ll go when I want a third,” customer Jason Moss told me.

“They already have my next trailer,” said Carson Nielsen. “And, I already sent my mom in who bought a trailer from them. They are quick and easy to work with, and the price was the best I found.

“I’ve sent I don’t know how many people to them,” declared Jared Chuchran. “I won’t buy anywhere else.

So, there you go: Castle Country RV, in Helper and Logan. Now you know what my intense investigation found out about the integrity of the owner. Now you know what I know about the background of the company. And now you know what customers independently told me about this company. And now you know why I trust, and why I am proud to endorse Castle Country RV as Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt




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4732 N. Highway 6, Helper, UT, Helper, Utah 84526
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