Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC

Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
5741 Harrison Blvd, South Ogden, Utah 84403
Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC
Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC

Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
5741 Harrison Blvd, South Ogden, Utah 84403


Jensen Nutrition Centers is a place where nutrition and well being is front and center.

I refuse to go to any other store besides Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC!”

That’s what customer Brandon Toll proclaimed to me when I asked him what he thought about the company.

“He is so passionate and knowledgeable about nutrition,” adds physical therapy and nutrition expert and customer Brianna Sexton.

And, indeed, when I investigated Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC, I found a licensed company whose owner stresses your well-being at the top of his business model. So, if you’re looking for a nutrition company I trust, it’s Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC in North Ogden, South Ogden, and Elko. I am proud to declare this company Gephardt Approved.

“I love to talk health and nutrition all day,” says owner Shawn Jensen. “It’s my passion, it’s my hobby.”

Stress, sleep, weight loss, training, and diet are the main reasons people visit his store, says Shawn. Although he says there are countless other reasons people visit like impotency, menopause, and energy to name a few.

“Shawn is crazy knowledgeable”

-Wes Demarco, Jensen Nutrition Centers Employee

Sports and nutrition have been a passion of Shawn’s for many years, he says. He is certified with the NASM (National Association of Sports Medicine), and he studied sports medicine at Weber State University. “My hobby is nutrition, training, fitness, and health, so I turned it all into a business and educating customers about what they actually need to meet their goals is the most important to me.”

Customer Brianna Sexton also studied nutrition, and says she is impressed by the raw knowledge of Shawn Jensen:  “There’s really no sales pitch,” says Brianna.  “He figures out your needs, and suggests products, and he has taught me things that I didn’t know.  He’s more into you being healthy than selling products.”

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While I was conducting this interview, a customer walked into the store whose doctor put him on blood pressure medication. Shawn says he coached and educated him on a supplement that might help. Today, Shawn says, the customer’s doctor is thinking of taking him off the blood pressure medication altogether because of the improvement.

“I Establish Trust…”

-Shawn Jensen, Owner

“Nutrition is a marathon game,” Shawn tells me. “It's not just make-a-quick-buck. If you actually educate people on what is best for them, you have a good customer.”

“He just loves what he does,” says Shawn’s wife, Emily. “He’ll spend 60 hours a week at it. He absolutely loves it. And his success through his passion has carried him to open 3 stores in 5 years, and he’s looking to open a fourth!”

“Shawn really treats you like family.”

-Brandon Toll, Customer

Shawn’s employees are trained to help. “Shawn is crazy knowledgeable,” says employee Wes Demarco. “He knows his stuff. He really doesn’t try to upsell customers, and that’s what he’s teaching me.” Wes says his training involves largely shadowing Shawn as customers come into the store. Customers are sometimes shy, and not familiar with supplements. “Shawn engages them to gently find out their needs and goals. I thought I knew about health, but in the very short time I’ve been training with Shawn, I’ve learned more in 2 weeks than I knew in 25 years.”

And that, Shawn says, is his goal. “I establish trust,” he says. “Some people when they come in here are shy. I just engage them. The whole idea is to build trust.”

“Shawn and his people really do treat you like family,” customer Brandon Toll told me. “Once I chose a product and Shawn gave me another that he said had the exact same ingredients, but was much cheaper. I thought WOW! You are trying to sell me what I need, not just make a sale. I trust him.”

“Shawn does a lot of research on his own,” says Emily. “When there’s a new product that makes a claim, he needs to know if it has been scientifically tested. He must have the research to prove the product works.”

“He’s so passionate about what he does,” says Brianna.  “I really trust him.  Most places just try to sell you.  Not Shawn.  He wants what is best and healthy for you.”

So, there you go: Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC. Now you know I have background checked this company for licensing, and how they treat their customers. And, I’ve talked to customers.

So, now you know why I am proud to endorse and stand by Jensen Nutrition Centers, dba GNC and why I declare them Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt


5741 Harrison Blvd, South Ogden, Utah 84403
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