Halifax Flooring

Halifax Flooring

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
28 N 1330 W , Orem, Utah 84057
Halifax Flooring
Halifax Flooring

Halifax Flooring

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
28 N 1330 W , Orem, Utah 84057


Flooring installation in new construction, remodels, or just single room, no job is too large or too small. We specialize in vinyl, carpet, tile, hardwood, and laminate floors. We can and we have done it all.

If you’re shopping for new flooring for your home or business, you can turn to a company I trust: Halifax Flooring, in Orem.

I trust Halifax Flooring, because we investigated this company and its father and son owners Rowe and Benjamin Hakes. We checked out their history, licensing, and their services. We also looked at how they treat their customers.  As a result, I trust and endorse Halifax Flooring and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“…We like the personal attention…”

-Customer Shan Grimmius

When I talked with co-owner Rowe Hakes, he talked all about the personal relationship he wants with every customer who walks through the door. “We know construction can be stressful,” said Rowe. “We enjoy the opportunity to help our customers with their carpet, wood, or tile needs. We eventually get to know our customers better, and they end up becoming our friends.”

That personal touch inspired Halifax Flooring to develop their 5-year warranty included in every purchase. “Most companies provide a two year warranty, max,” says Rowe. “The thing is problems generally don’t even develop before two years. So we made it five years to actually handle any carpet stretching or tile leaking problems that might come up. We believe a 2-year warranty does not protect our customers, so we give them a 5-year warranty. But, you know,” Rowe added, “if you install it right in the first place there are no problems.”

“Oh, yeah,” customer Shan Grimmius told us. He had Halifax complete a series of flooring projects in their home. “Halifax installed hardwood flooring in our kitchen. They did a fantastic job matching the hardwood floor to the rest of the main floor. They listened to what we wanted, and they were also really good on pricing.”

That’s what Rowe says he likes to hear from every customer. “We go out to most homes and businesses. And if anyone specifically asks, we’ll be glad to visit the job site.”

Rowe says Halifax offers carpet, tile, wood, laminate, vinyl, LVP, LVT, and stone. His team provides the material as well as installation on all products. Rowe says he’s been in the flooring business for over 30 years in sales and installation. His son, Benjamin, actually started the Halifax Flooring business in 2007. “The inspiration is all about providing quality flooring, a lower price, and personal customer service,” he says.

“New flooring changes the look of things,” says co-owner Rowe Hakes. “When we finish a job, we feel a great deal of satisfaction that we’ve done something really nice.”

Shan also tells us that he likes working with Halifax, because it’s not like he’s dealing with a bureaucracy. “We are really satisfied with their professionalism,” says Shan. “We like the personal attention, and the fact that we’re not dealing with a huge bureaucracy. And, when the project is done, Ben or Rowe follows up and makes sure that we’re satisfied.”

So there you go: Halifax Flooring.  Now you know what our investigation revealed about this company’s history, their services, and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

And now you know why I trust Halifax Flooring and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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28 N 1330 W , Orem, Utah 84057
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