205 N Main St, Tooele, Tooele, Utah 84047

Premier Utah Real Estate

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
205 N Main St, Tooele, Tooele, Utah 84047


Your Local Real Estate Experts. Trusted, Respected, Recommended. And, we are GEPHARDT APPROVED, so we pass the trust and ethics test.

“I love these people,” said BJ Smith.

“These people will bend over backwards as a team to get the job done,” declared Roland Smith.

BJ and Roland are telling me of their experience as clients of Premier Utah Real Estate in Tooele, Utah.

“I don’t think we would have found a place without their help,” added client David Canaday.

“They weren’t pushy at all,” said Roy Mausling. “They were patient and wanted what we wanted.”

All those clients express the culture the owners of Premier Utah Real Estate work to maintain. “It’s not about selling real estate,” says Steve Griffith, co-owner and principal broker for the company. “This job and this company is about finding homes and property that people want, and we represent them through the sometimes complicated transaction.”

So, if you’re looking for a full-service locally owned real estate company I trust, you can turn to Premier Utah Real Estate in Tooele, Utah. I trust this company because we have thoroughly investigated their background through regulators, licensing agencies, and state and federal courts. Also, I have a good feel for how they treat their customers. As a result, I endorse Premier Utah Real Estate and I’m proud to declare the company Gephardt Approvecd.

“…They’ve done an exceptional job…over the years…”

-Randy Hunt, Client, Premier Utah Real Estate

“We always have a client’s interest at heart,” says Tammy Griffith, co-owner and office manager. “Our clients are happy and excited that they got the home they wanted, or sold their home for the price they wanted. And they feel like their interest was kept in the entire process.”

“They’ve really done an exceptional job again and again over the years,” says 30 year client Randy Hunt. “Nobody knows the real estate market out here better than Premier Utah Real Estate. They’re very intelligent and very personable people. I can’t tell you how many real estate agents there are here in Tooele, but they would not be as informed as this company.”

“…We protect them through the process…”

-Andy Stetz, Co-owner, Premier Utah Real Estate

“Here’s how it works around here,” says co-owner Andy Stetz. “You have to get to know a person. Do they have a family, a dog, or cat? Take the time. The more we know about a person, the better we can guide them into owning that home.”

“Oh, yes. That’s Andy,” client Roland Smith told me. Roland bought property and built a home through the efforts of Premier Utah Real Estate. “Andy is not pushy like other real estate agents we talked to. He really wanted us to get into the right place and under the right circumstances. And then he made everything happen with the builders and the contractors. And he kept visiting the building site to be sure all was right and running on time.”

All in a day’s work for Andy Stetz: “I don’t sell houses. People sell themselves on the house. All I do is present the home to them, and in the process educate them on the home buying or building process, and then protect them through that process.”

“…We work to solve problems. It’s part of what we do…”

-Tammy Griffith, Co-owner, Premier Utah Real Estate

“She did all the legwork for us,” client David Canaday told me about his experience with Tammy Griffith. “She listened to our needs. She narrowed it all down. The process of finding and buying a house was simple, thanks to her.”

“I like to see people happy in their homes, but things don’t always go right in the process,” Tammy told me. “There are always going to be hiccups and stumbling blocks. You don’t count on anything until the day of closing. We prepare our people for all sorts of things, and then we work to solve problems that come up. It’s part of what we do.”

Premier Utah Real Estate is nearly 40 years old, founded by Steve Griffith’s mother Vicki Griffith. The owners now say they are simply carrying on the tradition Vicki established: honesty, integrity, hard work, patience, and giving back to the community.

“The whole staff was great,” says Roy Mausling.

“I highly recommend them to anyone,” adds Randy Hunt.

“I love Premier,” says B.J. Smith. “They stand by what they say and do.”

“He wants happy customers, and he’s got them,” says Roland Smith.

So there you go: Premier Utah Real Estate. Now you know what I know about this company. Now you know what my investigation revealed, and how they treat their customers. And now you know why I stand by and endorse the company, and why I’m proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

-Bill Gephardt



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205 N Main St, Tooele, Tooele, Utah 84047

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