Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
46 W Vine St, Murray, Utah 84107


Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
46 W Vine St, Murray, Utah 84107


RadoVent Radon Mitigation Services is dedicated to helping families and businesses reduce their risk of exposure to harmful radon gas. We design the most effective radon remediation systems always with aesthetics in mind. We're GEPHARDT APPROVED !!

“He’s upfront, honest, and he doesn’t mess around,” declares Radovent customer Chrystal McKee.

“The radon levels are now down to a healthy range. He’s very efficient,” customer Anjee Chynoweth told me.

Those customers are singing their praises of the Radovent company, and its owner Travis Jewell. “The number one culture of our company: take pride in what you do, and do quality work, and help people reduce the lung cancer risk,” Travis told me. “My mission is to at least educate everybody about the dangers of radon, and at least get their home tested.”

Indeed, if you are looking for a company I trust when it comes to fixing (mitigating) a radon problem in a home, I trust Radovent. I trust this company because we have independently investigated the licensing, court records, and background of this company and its owner, Travis Jewell. We’ve also investigated what customers say about this company. As a result, I endorse and support Radovent, and back them with my $1000 refund guarantee. I’m proud to declare Radovent as Gephardt Approved.

“…It did impress me that Radovent goes to such trouble for trust…”

Here’s something I found out about Radovent: they only do mitigation, not testing. That is a step not required by Utah law. It means if a customer wants to test to see if they have dangerous levels of lung cancer-causing radon in their homes, they have to turn to a separate testing company. Further, after Radovent mitigates the danger, a separate, independent company also must come in and re-test to see if the job was properly done.

“It’s just ethics,” says owner Travis Jewell. “I believe it’s the best way to run this type of business. It is the best thing for the industry.”

“…He’s always neutral when it comes to testing…”

-Anjee Chynoweth, Radovent Customer

It did impress me that Radovent goes to such trouble for trust.

“Radon is unknown to many people. A lot of people are skeptical of the dangers,” Travis told me. “There’s a lot of skepticism in this industry, and if I can do my part to reduce that by saying we don’t test, we only mitigate, that is what I want to do.”

Customer Anjee Chynoweth was diagnosed with lung cancer, and she was a marathon runner who never smoked. “The surgeon said it was radon,” she told me. “The family did a radon test in my home, and it was really, really high.

“That’s when we found Radovent. Travis came out himself for the installation. After that, we had the house independently tested at a national laboratory. This time it was safe. He (Travis) did a great job, and he is always neutral when it comes to testing and re-testing.”

“We switched to them (Radovent) years ago, and never looked back,” Chrystal McKee told me. Chrystal is a real estate agent with the Utah Luxury Group, and has a Radovent system installed in her own home. “He’s way, way less on price, and did such a good job,” she told me. “Many people want radon problems fixed before they move in. With Radovent, the homebuyers now have a warranty for life.

“…is more than just a business with me…”

-Travis Jewell, Owner Radovdnt

“As for the system he installed in my basement, there are lots of extras in terms of making it blend in. You can’t even hear the fan. He really knows what he’s doing.”

“30 per cent of homes in Utah test above the action level of Radon,” Travis told me. “Mitigating radon in homes is more than just a business with me. It’s a passion. And I can do it for roughly the cost of a water heater.”

Travis says radon mitigation is his passion because he previously worked in Chicago for a medical equipment company. He witnessed first-hand how debilitating lung cancer is. In Illinois, unlike Utah, Travis says the laws require testing procedures to be done independently from radon mitigation companies. Then he decided to move to Utah to raise his family, and he brought the Illinois laws voluntarily to Radovent when he started the company back in 2007.

“A lot of Utah companies do both testing and mitigation,” he told me. “I think it is a conflict of interest, so we don’t do it. Instead, if people call for a test, we refer them to an independent 3rd party. It’s just ethics and trust.

“And, then, we install a beautiful, top-quality radon mitigation system that we can hide with very high quality work.”

So, there you go: Radovent. Now you know what my independent background investigation has found about this company. You know what customers have told me about this company. And, now you know why I am proud to endorse and stand-by Radovent as Gephardt Approved.

“He’s really great at his work, and giving peace of mind,” says customer Anjee Chynoweth.

“We trust him,” says customer Chrystal McKee.

“It’s mostly about education,” Travis told me. “There are thousands of people in Utah who have never been around a cigarette who have lung cancer. Radon comes from the dirt in the ground into people’s homes. Not everyone has a problem. But for those who do, I really want to help.”

--Bill Gephardt


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46 W Vine St, Murray, Utah 84107
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