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Principles - Fair

Gephardt Approved businesses will undergo a Thorough and extensive investigation prior to approval.

Our whole goal is to thoroughly investigate all business to give consumers confidence they are dealing with a good, competitive, and fair business. And, we want to offer business the opportunity of express themselves to the public as a good, competitive, and fair business. We want to drive customers into good business with confidence.

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Principles - Honest

Gephardt Approved will be open and Honest with the businesses and consumers we serve.

We promise we will not endorse any business where we find dishonesty, price gouging, illegal activity, bait-and-switch, misleading advertising, or any other form of customer abuse. We promise that for the sake of honest business and trusting consumers we will make every effort to weed out businesses which cheat.

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Principles - Thorough

Gephardt Approved will be Fair to the businesses we approve and to the consumers we serve.

All investigations will be evaluated for patterns of consumer abuses and unlawful activity. For example, if a business has an isolated report of a legitimate customer dispute, or a single record of a corrected conflict with a government regulator, such a business may be Gephardt Approved after consideration of practices on the whole.

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