If you’re looking for a guarantee that you’ll never have to clean the gutters on your home, apartment complex, or business building ever again, you could turn to a company I trust: BuildPro Construction (formerly known as Gutter Helmet Construction of Utah).

I trust this company because we have investigated their background and the way they treat their customers. As a result, I trust this company, and I am proud to endorse BuildPro Construction, and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

“That’s what we guarantee,” said president Reed Bowen. “We promise that our customers will never have to clean their gutters again.” The Gutter Helmet is a multi-patented design that, once installed, causes debris to fall to the ground, while the rain water goes in the gutter, (demonstration: www.gutterhelmetpro.com) “The product uses the principle of surface tension,” Reed explained. “The top portion of the Gutter Helmet hangs out slightly beyond the gutter so the rain follows the curved edge back into the gutter, while the leaves, sticks and debris fall on the ground. It truly means that we guarantee anyone who has this product installed by us will never have to clean their gutters again — ever!”

When Sean Crowther, Vice-President, says ‘Installed by us,’ he means it. Sean told me how proud he is of the Gutter Helmet staff. “We will be around as a company forever. When we hire people, we don’t want them unless they want to make this a career move. We certify all of our installers. We appreciate them and we show it in the way we treat everybody who works here. I believe that attitude gets passed on to every one of our customers. Our customers are pleased to have our employees at their homes.”

When you call Build Pro Construction, the first person you’ll hear is Kim Price, the Office Manager. “My goal is to get everyone to say, ‘you are amazing.’ That means if I say I’ll call you back, I’ll call you back. I will schedule appointments for on-site estimates within 72 hours at the most. And when it comes to answering questions, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find out and I will call you back.”

BuildPro Construction also installs SunShade automatic or manually retractable patio awnings and shades. “These are made by the Sunesta Company, a sister company to BuildPro Construction,” said Sean. “It’s an amazing material. It’s not canvass, which can fade and deteriorate with exposure to the sun. The awnings and shades are made of a cloth-like acrylic fabric, which can be retracted automatically, if a customer would like that option. We even have the option of sun and wind sensors that will roll them in and out as needed for comfort and conditions.” Sean showed me not just the material, but also the mounting brackets and framing components: they are machined castings. “This whole construction is extremely sturdy. It won’t bend or deform over time.”

In fact, all of these products have between 10 year and lifetime warranties, but Reed and Sean are so confident in both their people and their product that they says they never worry about warranties. “The warranty gives a customer piece of mind. But, we don’t expect to have warranty work. We haven’t, really. We don’t generally have to go back to a home to fix an installation, either. Our people are well trained, and manufacturer certified, so they all do it right the first time.”


Reed says most customer problems develop in the industry, not from the product, but by the way it was installed. “We offer that lifetime warranty on the Gutter Helmet product and workmanship, the product will not fail, and the installation will not fail either. Our people are very well trained. There simply are very few problems.”

Reed says there was once a problem with a de-icing cable on one installation. He says the thermostat was set slightly too high. “All the customer wanted us to do was adjust the thermostat for him. We did, of course. But we also handed him a $50 dollar gift certificate, just in case he thought he used too much electricity over those couple days. He didn’t use nearly that much, of course, but it made him a permanent customer.” Reed added, “You know, Bill, it is far easier to retain a customer than get a new one. When you have so few complaints, it’s easy to go above and beyond to solve even perceived issues.”

“Our goal is to make a customer’s home, apartment complex, or business building more aesthetically pleasing, and avoid ongoing annual maintenance,” Reed told me. “I want to grow our company into a multi-state company by providing a permanent solution, one customer at a time. All you’ve got to do is provide the product and service that you say you’re providing.”

“You know, we invite customers to get bids from other companies,” Partner, Garry Stringham said with confidence. “We know they will be returning to us and we know they will be referring their friends and neighbors.”

So, BuildPro Construction. Now you know our investigation of this company revealed no problems whatsoever. Now you know the attitude the company operators have toward their customers, you know why I trust BuildPro Construction, and why I am proud to endorse this company as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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