“It’s all about solving people’s problems.”

That’s what PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK owner Ron Caplin says about his business of selling cars in St. George. “Sure, we’ll sell anybody a car they like, but the fun in this business is learning about the customer…learning their needs, and then using our car and credit knowledge to find the vehicle that is just right for that individual.”

We investigated the background and business practices of PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK, and owner Ron Caplin. We investigated their history, licensing, and customer service. Also, PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK has agreed to follow the GEPHARDT APPROVED AUTO DEALERS’ CODE OF ETHICS, which goes above and beyond state and federal laws in the treatment of customers.

As a result, I trust and endorse PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK, and I’m proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“…He worked magic…” – Candis J., customer.

“Ron got to know us personally,” customer Candis J. told me.”** “I had some credit problems because of some medical bills, and I never thought I could own a car. It’s kind of scary with credit problems. But, he worked magic!! He got to know us personally and our situation. He called some banks and credit unions and just like that, we got a car we could afford.”

That’s the type of customer feedback Ron Caplin says he strives for. “It’s not always about buying a car…it’s about buying the right car,” he says. “I tell my sales people to find out about our customers. Then, using our knowledge of the car business and the finance business, we can then locate a car that fits the need, and a car that fits the budget. That’s what makes this business fun: when we can take on a challenge, and find a customer the perfect vehicle.”

“…it’s all about relationships…” – Ron Caplin, owner.

Ron tells me he bemoans the way automobiles are sold today on the internet. “It’s all about price. Customers are looking for the lowest price. Well, we can match or beat about any low price,” he says. “But what is missing on the internet is the personal approach. It’s all about relationships. Sometimes people don’t know a lot about cars. We do! And if we can form a relationship, we can pass on our education to customers so they can learn exactly what they are getting.”

“…He solved the problem…” – Aaron V., customer.

“My problem was I needed another car to replace the high-mileage, expensive car I was driving around,” customer Aaron V. told me.** “And I needed to hit a certain budget. Ron found just what I asked for. In fact, they always do what they say they’re going to do. He solved my problem. And this is the second time they’ve done it.”

Aaron speaks precisely to what Ron Caplin says he works to do. “We are solutions based,” Ron says. “It often involves credit, down payment, trade-in, and individual needs.”

“It is absolutely what is fun for me in this business,” he says. “It’s what gets me out of bed in the morning…solving people’s problems.”

“Before, no one else offered to help,” said Candis. “I had to do it myself. Not with Ron.”

“He’s just a really fair, nice, honest guy,” Aaron said.

So, there you go: PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK in St. George. Now you know what I found about the company philosophy. Now you know what our investigation has found, and now you know the owner’s attitude toward his customers.

Now you know why I trust, and am proud to endorse PREMIER CAR AND TRUCK as GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

** For credit privacy reasons, I have not used customer full names.


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