If you are looking for a company to move your belongings from one place to another, you can turn to a company I trust: REDMAN VAN & STORAGE.  I trust this company because my team has investigated owners, Boyd Ipson, Brandt Ipson, and Michael Anderson. We’ve investigated the history of the business, and the way they treat their customers. As a result, I endorse REDMAN VAN & STORAGE, and I am proud to declare the company GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“I don’t think I have ever met anyone who says, ‘I love to move,’” says co-owner Michael Anderson. “Moving is one of those things we find ourselves needing to do, but as humans we don’t like the stress of it, and that’s where we come in.”

The owners say they specialize in all aspects of moving, “We offer full service packing, high end commodity moves, business and residential moves, and long distance moves and storage,” says Mike. REDMAN VAN & STORAGE is also an agent of North American Van Lines, and CRST Specialized Transportation.

REDMAN VAN & STORAGE tells me what makes them different is their history. “We have been in the business of moving for more than 100 years.” Boyd, Brandt, and Michael have owned REDMAN VAN & STORAGE since 2012 but their history dates back decades. “We were all actually employees. Boyd started in the 70’s and recruited me in the 80’s. Brandt, Boyd’s son has been with us for over 15 years. We are all hands on owners,” says Michael.

“One of the things we specialize in is interstate moves. People’s valuables are extremely important to them and they often worry about long distance traveling. At REDMAN VAN & STORAGE we team up with agents all around the country. We’re able to assess your valuables before we move you,” says Michael.

“I was blown away by REDMAN VAN & STORAGE,” says customer Abigail Nyema. She and her family moved from Los Angeles to Salt Lake City. “I could not believe how smooth a trip like that could be,” she says. “They came out to assess our stuff, packed everything in boxes, loaded it the same day and off they went. My stuff arrived in Salt Lake City two days later in the same condition as it was loaded. On top of that, I was always in contact with customer service, and they even responded to emails on the weekends.”

If you need a place to store your belongings, either for a short or long period of time, REDMAN VAN & STORAGE offers a safe place to do that. “We have over 200,000 feet of storage space that can accommodate whatever you need,” Michael tells me. “We store your items either in wood crates or trailers and we offer the most rigorous security you can find.”

“We want our customers to know that we treat their belongings just like we would treat ours,” says Michael. “That’s why we guarantee you will be treated with honesty and integrity.”

So there you go: REDMAN VAN & STORAGE. Now you know what I know about the company. You know about their experience, their history, and the way they treat their customers.

Now you know why I endorse REDMAN VAN & STORAGE and why I am proud to declare REDMAN VAN & STORAGE as GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt

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