If you’re looking for a used truck, and want a dealership I trust, you could turn to: STATE STREET TRUCK STOP.

I have investigated STATE STREET TRUCK STOP and its owner Steve Smith. I dug into their history, and their licensing. I have looked at how they treat their customers. Further, STATE STREET TRUCK STOP has agreed to follow the Gephardt Approved Auto Dealers Code of Ethics, which goes above and beyond state and federal laws in the treatment of customers.  As a result of my investigation, I endorse STATE STREET TRUCK STOP, and I am proud to declare this business GEPHARDT APPROVED.

“Steve is an honest guy who offers a pressure free environment.” – Andrea Arlt, customer

“Buying from Steve was really easy,” says STATE STREET TRUCK STOP customer Andrea Arlt. “We honestly had the deal done within 45 minutes. Previous car buying experiences at other dealerships took all day. There are no high pressure sales tactics. Steve is a really honest guy who gave me a fair deal.”

“We have been at the same spot for over 28 years.”

“One thing that really sets us apart is our history,” says STATE STREET TRUCK STOP owner Steve Smith. “We’re located just one block north of the Real Salt Lake Stadium. We have been in that very spot for more than 28 years. In fact, I met with a customer recently who told me he purchased a truck from me more than 23 years ago, and he drove by, saw I was in the same spot, and wanted to see what I was selling. He actually still owns that truck.”

Steve attributes his rich history to the niche he fills. “We specialize in used trucks. People from all over the country actually fly to Utah or have us send trucks out to them because we have such a large inventory on used trucks. Trucks are more difficult to buy than vehicles because there are so many elements to it.”

“They got me a better interest rate than my credit union.” – Cody Huff, customer

Customer Cody Huff tells me he purchased from STATE STREET TRUCK STOP because of their expertise in trucks. “I knew I wanted to purchase a truck from Steve because of the experience my parents and grandparents have had over the years with Steve. Steve and his team are very professional. They offer a relaxed environment. The salesmen stuck to my price range, they arranged financing for me and actually provided an interest rate lower than what my credit union offered. I will definitely purchase from them in the future.”

Steve tells me Cody’s experience isn’t unique. “We want all customers to receive top notch care. We’re very conservative on financing. We pride ourselves on finding financing at the same rate your credit union might offer. We get hard approval in most situations before a customer drives off the lot.”

“I wouldn’t sell something I wouldn’t drive,” says Steve. “I try to personally drive all of the vehicles I buy to ensure they’re in good condition for our customers. I pride myself on selling reliable trucks. I enjoy having repeat customers, and to get repeat customers, you have to have quality.”

So there you go: STATE STREET TRUCK STOP. Now you know what I know about the business. You know about their history and its owner Steve Smith. You know about their commitment to their customers.

Now you know why I endorse STATE STREET TRUCK STOP and why I am proud to declare them GEPHARDT APPROVED.

~ Bill Gephardt


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