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5999 North Springs Street, Tooele County, Stansbury Park 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States

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Our Top Priority is Exceeding Expectations

“He is amazing,” said Abbott Plumbing and Drain customer Kalee in Tooele.

“He’s knowledgeable and quick, and really cares about what he does, and does very high quality work,” added Kevin, another customer in Tooele.

These are the types of things I heard from customers of Randy Abbott and his company, Abbott Plumbing and Drain. 

“…I’m just working to always have a good reputation…”

-Randy Abbott, Abbott Plumbing and Drain Owner

“Yeah, I’m pretty good at it,” Randy Abbott told me in an interview.  Randy is a licensed master plumber and a licensed contractor in Utah ( https://secure.utah.gov/llv/search/detail.html?index=2 ).   He says his success is based on knowledge and honesty.  Honesty, he says, is simply good business.  He told me he understands customers don’t always understand what needs to be done, or don’t have the ability to repair their plumbing.  But he wants them to know everything he is doing:  “I’m pretty good at explaining to people what needs to be done,” he told me.  “And then I explain what I’ve done before I leave.  The whole idea is to be trusted for repeat business and referral business.”

“He explained everything,” customer Kalee confirmed.  “He went through everything.  He made sure I understood everything in the process.” 

I independently investigated the background of Abbott Plumbing and Drain, Inc. and founder and owner Randy Abbott.  We looked at the state and federal court records, and we looked at licensing and insurance (Randy Abbott is licensed as a master plumber and licensed contractor).  And, we looked at how the company treats its customers.  As a result, I am pleased to support and endorse Abbott Plumbing and Drain, Inc. and declare them Gephardt Approved.

“…Oh yeah, he’s awesome…”

-Customer Sally, Abbott Plumbing and Drain

“I’ve been a customer for many many years,” said customer Sally in South Jordan.  Sally is a landlord, and says she has used Abbott Plumbing and Drain dozens of times at her various properties.  She says even her tenants say great things about Randy Abbott.

“I’m just working to always have a good reputation,” says Randy.  “I really like going from place to place, seeing regular customers, and meeting new customers.  I’m pretty good at keeping them happy, and they keep me happy.”

“Oh, yeah.  He’s awesome,” declared Sally.  “And he knows his prices.  He knows how much things will cost up front.” 

In fact, Randy says up-front pricing is precisely what he does with every customer so there are no surprises.  “I take a look at a job, and I give the worst-case scenario for prices.  I never charge more than I quote a customer.  And sometimes, if my quote ends up being too high, I charge the lower amount.   That’s happened lots of times.”

So there you go:  Abbott Plumbing and Drain, Inc.   Now you know what my investigation revealed about the company, and you know what customers shared with me.  So now you know why I endorse and guarantee the company, and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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5999 North Springs Street, Tooele County, Stansbury Park 84074, Utah, Tooele County, United States
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