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2985 Main Street, South Salt Lake 84115, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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The Only Place to Go where the Service is All Pro!

“I would recommend them to anyone,” says customer Amy in Coalville.  “They really are honest, fair, and knowledgeable.”

Amy joins a list of All Pro Appliance Heating and Air customers with rave reviews about the company.

“I think they do great work,” customer Ken from West Jordan told me.  “They are nice, honest folks, and very reasonable.”

Those are the reviews owners Gary Leany and brother Adam Leany strive for.  “It’s service,” says Gary.  “It’s helping our customers solve problems.  And, I’m pretty dang good at it when it comes to installs.  I’ve been doing it since I was very young.” 

Gary is talking about the appliance service and repair he and his brother have with their father since they were teenagers.  Their father is Gary Leany Sr., the long-time owner of “All Pro Appliance Service,” which has been a Gephardt Approved  company for more than 10 years.  Now, the kids are expanding the business to include heating and air conditioning installation.

“…you don’t hesitate to let them into your home…”

Customer Ken, West Jordan, Utah

So, if you are looking for a company I trust when it comes to heating and air conditioning, you can turn to All Pro Appliance Heating and Air.  We have investigated the company, including their licensing, and insurance.  We have backgrounded the company by checking federal and state courts.  And, we’ve talked to some of their customers.  As a result, I trust All Pro Appliance Heating and Air, and I’m proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved. 


 “…it’s all about authenticity…”

Adam Leany, Owner, All Pro Appliance Heating and Air

“You know what they did,” raved customer Amy.  “After the installation, there was this little adjustment that needed to be made.  They came right back out and fixed it!”

“Oh yeah, no problem.  That’s what we do,” says Gary Leany.  “You’ve just got to have the right attitude for it.”

Brother Adam Leany says that attitude is what is instilled in every employee by example.  “The idea is to make the environment so the employees are so happy and so motivated that they truly believe in what they are doing for customers.  It’s all about authenticity.  The truth is everything.  And as we have happy employees, that automatically passes on to each customer.” 

“It’s even more than that,” adds Gary.  “It’s my family here.  It’s helping grow the family business, and it’s providing for my family and the families of everybody who works here.”

“They are very nice and professional,” says customer Ken.  “They are the kind of people you don’t hesitate to let into your home.  The fact is, I’ve already sent others I know to them.”

So, there you go:  All Pro Appliance Heating and Air.  Now you know what I know about this company.  You know what our investigation has revealed, and you know what their customers are saying.  And now you know why I trust and endorse this company as Gephardt Approved.

“They are honest and straight shooters to us and our family,” says Ken.

“They are reliable, careful, efficient, and pay close attention to detail,” says Amy.

And I say the family tradition continues.

--Bill Gephardt 




                                                  Salt Lake County (801) 983-3522

                                                  Davis County (801) 660-1963

                                                  Weber County (801) 823-2505

                                                  Utah County (801) 877-5447

                                                  Tooele County (435) 728-2505

                                                  Summit County (435) 214-2090

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2985 Main Street, South Salt Lake 84115, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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