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484 East 100 North, Payson 84651, Utah, Utah County, United States

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For all your automotive needs, we care about our customers!!!

Are you in need of an oil change? Maybe you need a routine maintenance check or work on your engine. You could turn to an auto shop I trust: AutoWorks Car Care.

I have investigated AutoWorks Car Care, and its owner Shaun Martin. I have looked into their history. I have investigated their licensing, and the way they treat their clients.  As a result, I endorse AutoWorks Car Care and I am proud to declare this company as Gephardt Approved.

“Shaun and his shop are the only ones I trust with my vehicle.”

– Elaine Williams, long-time customer.

“I actually drive from Nevada to have Shaun and AutoWorks Car Care work on my vehicle,” Elaine Williams, a longtime customer tells me. “I first went to Shaun because he had an excellent reputation in the community. When I moved out of state I didn’t want to risk the chance of having anyone else work on my car. I completely trust Shaun, and his recommendations.”

“I really enjoy getting the chance to develop personal relationships with my clients,” says Shaun Martin, owner of AutoWorks Car Care. “I think people feel more comfortable using a place they can trust, and I’ve owned a trustworthy shop for over 17 years.”

Shaun tells me that working on vehicles was a natural skill he developed as a kid. “Growing up my father was our household mechanic. He worked on all of our vehicles. Being the oldest child, I was with him outside, learning these skills. Working on cars is something I fell into because I had a knack for it.”

“We fix it right the first time.”

AutoWorks Car Care says they offer a courtesy inspection on every vehicle brought into their shop. “I feel like it’s important to understand what’s going on with the car. We take a look at the condition of the car, and we can look at current problems, and things that might occur down the road. This helps eliminate future surprises for the vehicles owner.”

“We believe in fixing it right the first time,” says Shaun. “We’re your complete automotive repair shop. We do everything from oil changes to computerized engine diagnostics, and everything in between.” Shaun tells me on top of a variety of services, AutoWorks Car Care is a Certified Utah County Emissions Repair Shop.

“Honest, friendly, and dependable quality.”

AutoWorks Car Care says they’re proud to have the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence. That means they met specific criteria implemented by the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence. For customers that means that most, if not all of the technicians, at AutoWorks Car Care are ASE certified.

Shaun tells me his staff is equipped to work on most models of cars and trucks that include domestic and imported vehicles. “AutoWorks Car Care provides constant trainings to our employees. This hands on training allows us to work on a variety of different vehicles. Cars have definitely changed over the years, and it’s important for us to stay up to date on the technology. I also work alongside my guys so I am there to assist with all of the cars brought into our shop.”

“I want customers seeking an automotive shop to know that if they do business with me they can expect totally awesome customer care. They can expect a friendly, pressure free environment. I like to treat customer’s vehicles like I would treat my mother’s vehicle. I want to provide accurate information so they can make the best choices for their vehicles,” says Shaun.

So there you go: AutoWorks Car Care. Now you know what I know about Shaun, and his business. You know about their history, their services, and their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Now you know why I endorse AutoWorks Car Care and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt




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484 East 100 North, Payson 84651, Utah, Utah County, United States
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