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If you are looking to renovate your bathroom without demolition, consider a company I would trust to do the job: Bath Fitter. I trust the company because we have investigated their business practices and the way they treat their customers. As a result, I am proud to declare Bath Fitter Gephardt Approved.

Bill Vanden Boomen, Bath Fitter president and CEO for Utah and Idaho says the experience of his technicians and the quality of his product means the job will be done quickly and efficiently, with the peace of mind of a Lifetime Warranty, including workmanship. Bill promises there will be no horror stories of a bath remodel gone wrong with his company. In fact, Bill says it will be he or his son, Rick, who will come to your home to explain the process and the price. “We are a business with a conscience. It’s a privilege to be invited into a home, and our goal is to ensure they receive the best product and price. We respect our customers, and want them to trust us.”

Bath Fitter has 240 locations across North America, and Bill says it is the largest acrylic bath company in North America. “What sets us far apart from all other bath remodeling companies is that we are only one of three companies in all of North America that manufacture acrylic,” Bill says. “As such, we provide a genuine Manufacturer’s Lifetime Warranty.” Bath Fitter installs over 600 complete bath systems every day! Since Bath Fitter’s founding 27 years ago, Bath Fitter has installed over a million baths, so far.”

Bill says it all began in 1984 when three founding brothers got bathroom sinks at bathroom city and were trying to remodel their mother’s bath. Back then, that first remodel involved a chain, a car bumper, a cast-iron tub, and a lot of sweat and muscle. One of the brothers with an engineering background said, “There just has to be a better way to do this,” and Bath Fitter was born.

Bill says Bath Fitter’s first client was the prestigious Royal York Hotel in Montreal, Canada. Bath Fitter’s completed 400 acrylic bath systems for this landmark hotel, and 27 years later, they are still being used today.

Bill says the company grew rapidly, maintaining a strong and consistent work ethic, high benchmark standards, and respect for their customers. Bill says it’s all reflected in the attitude of his entire staff. “Bath Fitter has strict standards of excellence to ensure that every Bath Fitter customer receives the ultimate buying experience anywhere in North America.”

There’s family in all of this. Family members of the founders still run Bath Fitter on a nation-wide level, and Bill Vanden Boomen and his son Rick own and operate the franchise of Bath Fitter for the states of Utah and Idaho.

Bill says the reason Bath Fitter is so competitive with their prices is the fact that they actually make their own acrylic. “Therefore our customers are dealing with the manufacturer directly,” Bill says. “The benefit of dealing directly with Bath Fitter is there is no middle man and our customers get the best quality at the lowest price.”

As for the product itself, Bill is busting at the seams to share with everyone that Bath Fitter is the only company in Utah to manufacture and install a one-piece seamless acrylic surround wall system. He says all products are American made, and created at Bath Fitter’s plant in Tennessee. The inserts are custom fit with the exact measurements of the customer’s existing bath or shower. They fit right over the old tub – or they install a new tub for the customer. Bill says each installer is specifically trained the Bath Fitter way.

Bill says he can handle any job – anywhere, anytime, any bath. He has clients in all categories: home owners, apartment dwellers, hospitals, schools, hotels, and more! He serves the entire state of Utah and even into Idaho. Bill says Bath Fitter is the exclusive bath re-fitter company of the prestigious RV and Boat Expo’s, because of their unique design and ability to fit ANY shower or bath, specializing in:

  • Remodeling your bath
  • Replacing your bath
  • Remodeling your shower
  • Converting your tub to a shower

So now you know why I trust Bath Fitter. Now you know why I would do business with this company and now you know why I am proud to endorse Bath Fitter as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

Manufacturer/producer, Retailer, Service Provider, Subcontractor


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9076 South 300 West, Sandy 84070, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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