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201 East 2150 North, Suite C, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States

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Best Solar Contractor in the West !!


“I’m very impressed with their honesty.”

That’s what ES Solar customer Meaghan Knight of Syracuse, Utah says about the company she selected from many others to install solar panels on her home.

“They followed through on what they promised,” says Brandon Tate of South Weber about his solar installation by Es Solar. “They delivered on everything.”

Those are the remarks of just a couple of the customers I talked to about the company after we conducted our extensive background investigation into them.


It means if you are looking for a company I trust for your solar installation, you can turn to ES Solar in Layton. I trust this company because we have thoroughly investigated the company’s history, licensing, how they do business, and how they treat their customers. It’s why I support, guarantee, and endorse the company. And, it’s why I am proud to declare ES Solar as Gephardt Approved.

“…They are true to their word…”

-Brandon Tate, South Weber homeowner

“We are really helping our customers,” chief financial officer (CFO) Chris Looke told me. “I mean literally, you feel good about it at night going to bed thinking we’re making a difference for our customers and for the environment.”

Chris Looke and chief operating officer (COO) Jeff Dimond both come from a business and energy saving background. Previously, they were involved in energy auditing and insulation programs in conjunction with Rocky Mountain Power and Questar Gas.


“It was the perfect next step,” says Jeff Dimond. “And, I love the solar industry. I believe in it. It makes me feel good to save people money.”

ES Solar is different from many solar companies I’ve encountered over the years. ES Solar does everything from initially contacting homeowners, to arranging the financing and the solar installation. Also, the company officers are proud of their rather unique lifetime company warranty. “If a panel fails, we will put a new one on, and not charge a dime, even after a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty expires,” Dimond says.

“Oh, yeah, they are true to their word,” homeowner Brandon Tate told me. “In fact, we had a little problem. They miscalculated the amount of power we would use, and we got a power bill larger than they expected. So, they came out and installed 5 new panels, for no charge.”

“…The power bills are now about $9/month…”

-Ben Frye, South Ogden Homeowner

CFO Chris Looke says the whole idea of solar panel installation is to replace your power bill with a solar loan, and the solar loan is less than monthly payments to the power company. “Solar just makes sense. I mean it really does. It makes a ton of sense. And I love it. There are not many jobs where you can sell and install products and it’s a win for the company, a win for consumers, and a win for our employees.”


“Oh yeah. They lived up to what they said they would do,” says homeowner Ben Frye in South Ogden. “The panels work well, and the power bills are now about 9 dollars and change per month.”

“They’re just friendly,” customer Marisela Sanchez of Layton told me. “The person I talk to is awesome. They always keep checking to update me on what is going on.”

That’s just the culture Chris and Jeff say they wanted to establish.

“We understand that sometimes things can go wrong,” says Jeff Dimond. “But we have a company goal of 100 per cent satisfaction, so we will make it right.”

And Chris Looke adds, “If I’m a customer, I’m the guy I want to do business with because I grew up 10 minutes from here. I have no plans on moving. I see my customers in the grocery store. I want to make sure they’re happy, and that’s the way we do business.”

“Great company,” says Brandon.

“There is no deception,” says Meaghan. “We confirmed everything they said.”

“I think they’re really good,” says Marisela.

“The panels are doing what they said they would do,” says Ben.


So, there you go. Now you know about my independent background investigation into ES Solar. And now you know what customers independently told me. And, now you know why I trust and endorse ES Solar and why I am proud to declare the company as Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt

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