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Often times the thought of remodeling a bathroom or kitchen can be very overwhelming. Demolition and destruction, not to mention the mess, is something most homeowners want to avoid. If you’re considering a project like this, finding a company that is prompt, professional, and trustworthy is your first priority. Let me introduce you to Granite Transformations.

I have investigated their background and customer service practices.  As a result, I am proud to endorse the company, and declare them as Gephardt Approved.

“Done In A Day…Beautiful For Life”


“Our products and methods are very unique,” says franchise owner, Steve Riley. He tells me Granite Transformations is an alternative to a traditional remodel and granite countertops. “We install a manufactured granite product that is 95% natural stone mixed with a specially formulated polymer that is stronger, lighter, and more durable than traditional granite. It is heat and stain resistant and scratch proof, so it is essentially maintenance free. And the beauty of it is that it fits right over the top of the customer’s existing countertops, so there is no demolition.”

But just as important to Steve, he says, is how the customer feels about the work. “The biggest problem with contractors is communication,” Steve told me. “I tell all my guys that is the key. I call customers regularly during the construction process to make sure everything is going right.” In fact, I asked Steve about how he resolves problems. He said, really, his customers are pretty good. I suggested that’s because maybe he and his “guys” do, in fact, stay in communication with customers. “I am very hands on. I know every one of my customers personally. I hand out customer satisfaction surveys at the end of every job just so I know how they feel.”

“There are so many things that can go wrong,” Steve went on. “I tell my guys that 50 percent of what we do is customer service.”

granite75.jpg" alt="" width="1650" height="386" />Granite Transformations offers more than just granite surfaces, Steve explains. “We also have a glass countertop that is made the same way as the granite, with quartz, semi-precious stones, and recycled glass mixed with polymer,” he says. “and we have a mosaic line, with glass tiles already mounted and pre-grouted on large slabs for easy installation. These additional products really give the customer a wide variety of color and design, and every one of our products are backed with a lifetime warranty.”

When Granite Transformations was first started, Steve explains that all the product came from a manufacturing plant in Italy, but was moved in 2005. “A new manufacturing plant for the Trendstone, Trendglass, and Trendmosaic products was opened in Sebring, Florida, in 2005. This facility provides products for all franchises all over the world, so these products are now made in the U.S.A.” Steve says their products are used by not only homeowners, but interior designers, architects, builders and developers worldwide.

Steve tells me the first Granite Transformations opened in 1996 over in Perth, Australia. He explains that the consumer response to this revolutionary product was overwhelming, and by 2001 there were franchises popping up in the United States. “Today there are about 90 Granite Transformation franchises operating in the United States, and the one in Salt Lake is number 16; which opened in 2003. There are an additional 60 franchises in different countries and growing every day.”

Steve managed the franchise in Atlanta, Georgia for 5 years. He says it became the #2 franchise in the world for sales and installations. Steve tells me he bought the franchise in Salt Lake in March of 2013. “We moved to Utah specifically for this franchise. The consumer here in Utah is unique. They are very particular, appreciate a good product at a reasonable price, and tend to be very loyal. I am here to re-establish Granite Transformations as the customer’s first choice when it comes to remodels.”

It’s not just countertops and backsplashes that they specialize in, Steve says. “Granite Transformations also does cabinet re-facing using wood veneers. By removing the old cabinet doors, we can resurface the cabinet boxes with any kind of wood the customer wants, like cherry, mahogany, or alder, giving them a quick and easy update. Then we replace the cabinet doors with brand new doors, giving the customer a completely new look without the mess of a demolition. Installing the Trendstone or Trendglass countertop right on top of their existing countertop is a snap, and we are in and out in a day.”

If it’s a completely new kitchen or bathroom that the customer wants Steve tells me they can handle that as well. “We can completely gut the kitchen or bathroom. We don’t use subcontractors for demolition, but take care of all the tear-out, and clean up ourselves. We only use master plumbers and master electricians that can do anything the customer wants. We can remodel the entire project from the flooring to the fixtures. Whatever the customer wants, we will make happen.”

With all that Granite Transformations does, Steve says he emphasizes, “For all customers it is the little things that make the difference.”

So now you know what I found out about Granite Transformations. You know our investigation found a fully licensed company and no complaints. Now you know why I am proud to stand by and endorse Granite Transformations and declare the company Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt

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