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1749 South 580 West, Davis County, Woods Cross 84087, Utah, Davis County, United States

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Hardwood Floor Guys are the experts of hardwood floor refinishing, hardwood installation, and repair.

“He did an absolutely fabulous job,” Karla Nielson of Orem told me in an interview.

“He is a craftsman, not just a construction guy,” proclaimed Amber Gardner of Highland.

Those customers are talking about Gordon Grotepas, the owner of Hardwood Floor Guys, Inc.

“My greatest satisfaction is hearing that sort of thing from every one of my customers,” Gordon told me. “I can change a whole house with hardwood floors. I’ve done this all my life, so I can provide a good opinion of what will really look good.”

“I’m really glad I found them…”

-Melanie Haggard, Customer

Hardwood Floor Guys, Inc. installs, repairs, and refinishes hardwood floors of any kind, and installs and repairs vinyl and laminate floors. Gordon Grotepas says he has been doing it for 25 years. My independent investigation into the company through the courts, licensing agencies, various enforcers, and customers found a fully licensed and insured company with raving customers. That is why I am proud to endorse and support this company, and declare Hardwood Floor Guys, Inc. Gephardt Approved.

“He changed the look of my house,” raved Melanie Haggard in Clearfield. “I really like their pricing, and their quality of work was amazing. I’m no expert on wood floors, and I’m really glad I found them.”

“…When I’m done, I like to see the look on my customers’ faces…” -Gordon Grotepas, Owner, Hardwood Floor Guys, Inc.


Gordon prides himself in not only being a perfectionist, but also using his experience to suggest what he believes will look really good in a particular house. “Every house is different,” he told me. “I like it when [customers] are surprised to see how really good it looks when I am finished. They’re happy. So many times, people say that it was so bad from wear-and-tear. They never imagined it would turn out so well.”

“…Everyone who comes to my house says, ‘WOW, who did this?’…”


“He’s amazing! He does really fine work,” Eileen Maloney in Salt Lake told me. “When he gave me a bid, he was humble about himself, but not about the job. Wow. He said how good it was going to look, and he was right!”

Some of Gordon’s customers want a whole hardwood floor installation, and some want additional wood floors to blend with the floors of an older house. Hardwood Floor Guys office manager Kim Bess says Gordon has instinct for what can be done. “He can walk into a house, and he’ll know just what kind of wood it is, and exactly what the old finish is. I think he’s a total perfectionist when it comes to his customers.”

“Yep,” says customer Amber Gardner. “I think they are amazing. The dude really knew what he was doing. He matched old hardwood in the kitchen with new hardwood we put into the family room. It blends in so you can’t tell the difference!! Everyone who comes to my houses goes, ‘WOW. Who did this?’”

“…I love it when people love the work…”

-Gordon Grotepas

“Lots of times, I get calls from people who want him to fix other peoples’ work,” office manager Kim Bess added. “I think people trust his judgement. He knows what he’s talking about, and he’s good at explaining it. These customers are amazed at the difference after Gordon showed up. They are amazed how good it looks, without ever imagining it could look that good.”

“I love it when people love the work,” Gordon says. “I’m very patient, and I love to work with anybody. When I’m done and I see the look on my customers’ faces, it makes me feel good, and I just want to go out and do it again for somebody else.”

“He didn’t do my house for selfish reasons,” says Karla Nielson. “He’s a true craftsman. He really wants his customers to be happy, I think.”

“And, he’s a really class act,” proclaimed customer Amber Gardner. “After he made a floor look exactly like what we wanted, a kitchen counter installer spilled some glue on the floor. Gordon came out and fixed the other guy’s mistake, and then he refused to take any money for it. That’s a really class act!!”

Gordon Grotepas says he can do his work to fit any budget. “I know what it’s like to be on a budget,” he told me. “I don’t mind taking the time to design something that I know they will really like, and something they can afford. I’m pretty good at this.”

So, there you go. Now you know what my independent investigation has found about Hardwood Floor Guys. Now you know what his customers independently told me about Gordon Grotepas. And now you know why I support and back Hardwood Floor Guys, Inc., and why I am confident and proud to declare this company Gephardt Approved.

“I really like this guy,” says Eileen.

“I’m really excited I found them,” says Melanie.

“He knows what he’s talking about,” says Amber.

“The finish was beautiful,” says Karla. “It was flawless.”

–Bill Gephardt


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