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3299 North 750 East, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States

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If you’re looking for a company that can handle both pest control and lawn care needs for you, but are overwhelmed with the hundreds to choose from, let me introduce you to one that I trust: Harmon & Sons Lawn Care and Pest Control. My team and I have investigated the way they do business and the way they treat their customers and found no issues. As a result, I trust Harmon & Sons Lawn Care and Pest Control, and I am proud to endorse them as Gephardt Approved.

What started out as a way to make some extra money has now grown into a thriving business, owner and founder April Harmon tells me. “My husband was a fireman who worked nights, and was looking for something to do during the day,” she says. “He started mowing lawns, and did such a good job, customers spread the word. Pretty soon we were hiring other fireman with downtime during the day to help us take care of our growing customer base.”

From those humble beginnings over 30 years ago, Harmon & Sons has continued to grow. “Over the years, we have responded to the needs and requests of our customers, providing pest control, weed control, and fertilizers.” April says Harmon & Sons is committed to staying on top of the rapidly advancing technology in their field. “The industry is trending more towards ‘green’ options for pest control, micronutrients, fertilizers, and fungicides,” she says. “We now have methods of delivering these products by injection, rather than spraying, if necessary. This means there will be no product landing on birds, windows, people, etc. It is a way to directly treat, rather than generally treat a problem.”

Growth for Harmon & Sons includes many commercial and county contracts. “We are contracted with Salt Lake County to service all the county buildings including the state prison. We also have an urban forestry contract with Salt Lake County, using injection techniques to keep the large Sycamores and other trees in downtown Salt Lake City healthy and thriving, as well as protect the birds and pedestrians,” April explains. “We don’t use fumatoxins or other chemicals labeled DANGER. There are very safe and effective products that work just as well. We will never trade knowledge and safety for results.”

“The main portion of our customers are residential,” says April. “Some of them have been with us since the beginning. We treat our customers like family, calling every one of them the day before an appointment, as a courtesy. We do this to remind them we are coming so they aren’t surprised when they see people walking around their yard. Also, by calling, our customers can schedule their mowing, and arrange to keep their pets indoors. Our technicians really get to know our customers, and talk to them after every single visit to discuss what was done that day, and talk about any issues or concerns the customer may have.”

April says she and her staff built Harmon & Sons around safety and integrity. “We are not a jack-of-all-trades, master of none. We are very good at what we do – experts in our field. 90% of our new business comes from referrals,” she says. “In fact, a few years ago one of our main competitors retired and he turned every one of his clients over to us. He told me there was no one he would rather see take care of his people. That really means a lot to us.”

She says excellent customer service includes having her office staff be fully trained and qualified to answer any question they may get on the phone. “We even have our office staff go on ride-alongs, so they can personally meet customers and see what happens in the field. It gives them first-hand experience with what we do.”

“Our technicians work in 2-man crews to be the most efficient and check each other. Our callback rate is 2%, and I really believe it is because our technicians and employees are confident in what we do, and take pride in our business. When you have happy employees, you have happy customers,” says April. “When there is a problem I take care of it personally. We will do whatever it takes to make it right and make the customer happy. We are growing but we are doing it slowly and carefully to keep our customer satisfaction at 100%. We want to be big enough to get the big jobs done but small enough to care.”

So Harmon & Sons Lawn Care and Pest Control: Now you know what our background investigation found about this company, you know what we found to be their dedication to customers, large and small. Now you know why I’m proud to endorse Harmon & Sons Lawn Care and Pest Control as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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3299 North 750 East, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States
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