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Layton, Davis County, Utah, United States

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“They are really awesome,” said Adam in West Valley, Utah about his experience with the people at Home Maintenance Experts.

“Their services have been extraordinarily helpful,” added Bob in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Both Adam and Bob are homeowners and customers of the company in Utah which is disrupting the service contractors and handymen industry, and changing the way customers look at taking care of their homes: Home Maintenance Experts.

“It’s a home maintenance membership program,” says co-owner and long-time contractor Jimbo Snarr.  “We come to visit your home on a regular schedule two to four times a year, and then you pick from hundreds of things we do from applying pest control, to changing a smart doorbell, or even changing lightbulbs and plugs, or roof repair and water heater cleaning.”

In fact, their website (www.homemaintexperts.com) has a section that offers a huge list of services they do regularly, but they are willing to take suggestions on other stuff a customer might want done (https://homemaintexperts.com/catalog/).  

“…they did incredible work…”

-Customer Adam Wonch, Home Maintenance Experts

“I really see a need,” co-owner Jared Gaetz told me.  “We started this company because I’ve been frustrated with people charging me a lot more money than they should.  This is our opportunity to disrupt this industry.”

And I trust Home Maintenance Experts because we have investigated the background of both the company and its owners.  We have looked at their licensing, state and federal court records, assessments by regulators, and the way they treat their customers.  As a result, I endorse and stand by this company, and I am proud to declare Home Maintenance Experts Gephardt Approved.

“For me, they did incredible work,” said customer Adam.  “They fixed the toilets, fans, and then mapped and labeled my entire circuit breaker panel.  And here’s the thing:  they are very friendly and extremely trustworthy.  If I had to leave town and they did the work, I could let them and not worry.”

I have found that generally speaking, if I call a handyman or a contractor to do some work around my home, I always expect to pay a minimum of $200 to $500 for a visit.   But Home Maintenance Experts owner Jimbo says they can operate much cheaper because it’s a co-op model where everyone pays into a membership and then we can schedule ahead of time to cover one area one week, and another area another week.  

“…they often see things that I didn’t notice…”

-Customer Robert Kimsey, Home Maintenance Experts

But there’s more under this model:  “We can just walk around a member’s home on a schedule and look to see if there are problems, and there usually are problems.  Then we just fix them.  It’s like having a home inspector, except we fix any problems we find.”

“They often see things that I didn’t notice,” says customer Robert.  “They noticed flashing around my roof had blown loose, and fixed it.  They noticed I needed a GFCI, and fixed it.  They noticed a crack in the ceiling I hadn’t noticed, and fixed it.  Honestly, they have constantly exceeded my expectations.”

Co-owner Keegan Tureson says they always send technicians to customer homes in pairs.  “They are all drug screened, background checked, and insured,” says Keegan.  “They come in pairs for safety, efficiency, and accountability to help each other, and keep an eye on each other.”  

“You can pick through our services, and sign up for whatever you need, or let us find the problems you overlook,” says co-owner Jared.

“After we finish a visit, we give the homeowner a complete report on what we did, and what we saw that might need attention on our next visit in a few months,” co-owner Keegan told me.

“These kinds of things we provide on a regular basis, so you can have peace of mind and get the maintenance done professionally,” Jared says.

So, there you go.  Now you know what I found out about the company during our investigation, and you know how customers think about this service.  And now you know why I trust and endorse Home Maintenance Experts, and why I am proud to call them Gephardt Approved. 

“Everything they have done has been well done,” says customer Robert.

“They are always very responsive,” says customer Adam.  “That is not something I have usually found with service technicians.”

Robert adds:  I have recommended them to other friends, and they have signed them up."

-Bill Gephardt

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Layton, Davis County, Utah, United States
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