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Trusted Merchant Service Provider (credit card processing)

Utah EZ Pay / iSmart Payments Is A Full Service Merchant Services Provider (credit card processing). Enjoy Saving 40% - 90% On Your Processing Rates & Fees As Well As No Contact & Next Day Funding!

“I went from $800 a month to $58 a month in credit card fees,” Connie told me from her upholstery business in Midvale. “So, yeah I like the product.”

Connie was telling me about iSmart Payments.  It’s a merchant services credit processing company.  She switched to iSmart after a conversation with owner Greg Kapitan.   “Seventy-five percent or more of the business owners I talk to don’t know they pay too much,” Greg told me.  “Ninety percent of the people who come to me get a lower rate.”

“…I saved money…”

-Matt, Heber City Business Owner

In the process of investigating the background of Greg Kapitan and his company, I also signed Gephardt Approved up for his services at iSmart Payments.  As a result, my business will be paying about half of what I had been paying a big bank every month for merchant services.  

And my investigator did find iSmart Payments to be an honest company, and its owner filled with integrity.  We dug into the company history, their licensing, and their background.  We looked into state and federal court history.  We checked what regulators might have to say about this company, and how they treat their customers.  As a result, I found an honest company which I am proud to stand by, endorse, and declare Gephardt Approved.  

“…saving all that money is what attracted me…”

-Connie, Business Owner in Midvale, Utah

“It’s a passion more than anything,” Greg told me.  “I pride myself in education and advocacy for business owners.”

Greg says he needs business owners to understand they are likely paying way too much.  He says the key for him is to get business owners to give him the last statement from their current merchant services provider, and he’ll do the rest.

That’s what I did.

Greg says he puts the statement through his computer analysis using his proprietary  software.  

And Presto:  Just like that, I’m paying about half of what I was paying.  And I’m not alone.

"It was fantastic,” said Rustic Frameworks owner Matt in Heber City.  “Yes, I saved money, but [Greg] was passionate about his business.  He was very caring and not pushy at all.  He made sure it worked for me, and boy, it did!”

“It works out very, very well,” says Greg Kapitan.  “I know that because I have a zero percent attrition rate.  That is, once a business owner learns from me, he never leaves.”

So, there you go:  iSmart Payments.  Now you know what I know about the company and its owner, Greg Kapitan.  Now you know what my investigation revealed about his honesty and integrity.  And, now you know why I am proud to declare iSmart Payments as Gephardt Approved.

“I couldn’t be happier:” Business Owner Matt.

“Saving me all that money is what attracted me”: Business Owner Connie.

 -Bill Gephardt


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