Just Right Air

Just Right Air

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
3066 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115

Just Right Air

Gephardt Approved
Gephardt Approved
3066 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115


Just Right Air specializes in the repair, replacement, remodeling, design and maintenance of HVAC comfort systems for your home.

How do you find a heating and air conditioning company you can trust? You could turn to a company I trust: Just Right Air. I trust them because we have thoroughly investigated the way they treat their customers and the way the owner operates his business. As a result, I am proud to endorse Just Right Heating and Cooling as Gephardt Approved.

The root of the company philosophy is owner Dan Dearden. Dan says he began in the business 34 years ago, right out of high school, and wait until you see what he’s done with all that experience, keeping up with all the technology and changes that have occurred in three and a half decades.

“I enjoy solving problems and overcoming the lousy work that has often already been done in someone’s home,” Dan told me. Dan says he’s one of three technicians in Utah who is certified in performance analysis. That means he and his team are able to study the engineering and ductwork in a person’s home to make sure the result is that a furnace or air conditioner lives up to the efficiency promises of the manufacturer.

“Anybody can put in an air conditioner,” Dan says, “but not everybody can live up the efficiency of the manufacturer. Often duct systems in a home are the wrong size. We surgically make them better without damaging the house.”

That’s the technical side, but Dan says, "When it comes to the consumer or homeowner, our goal is to be the largest, and known as the most honest and most reputable heating and air conditioning company in Utah.” To that end, if you visit his store, or have a technician visit your home, Dan offers a collection of documents designed to educate consumers on just what they are buying. “I want them to have choices,” says Dan. “An educated customer is going to make the better decision.”

Just to be certain, something you won’t find on every HVAC website is a guide to solving your own heating and air conditioning problems, so you only have to call a technician when it’s absolutely necessary (www.justrightair.com/maintenance.php).

If you do have to call Just Right Air, here’s what you’ll get in Dan Dearden: He won the 2004 National Championship at the National technician competition at the North American Technician Excellence organization in St. Louis. That means the thousands of heating and cooling technicians nationwide were narrowed down to a very few. The finals involved problems created in furnaces, air conditioners, and boilers. The winner correctly diagnosed the problem the fastest. Dan beat them all!  Ask him to show you his award. It’ll embarrass him just a little bit!!

“I’m a problem solver,” says Dan. “Sometimes I get referrals from customers and competitors who are unable to fix a problem.”

Just Right Air offers a 100% money back guarantee. But guess what? He told me he has never had to exercise the guarantee because he’s never had a problem he can’t fix. “My people know that every customer needs to be treated like they are next referral source.”

His technicians do not earn commissions on what they sell, every technician wears a uniform, customers get a full explanation of what is going on, and every technician is empowered to solve any problems on the spot.

Just Right Air: Now you know about their business practices. Now you know how they treat their customers and now you know why I am proud to endorse Just Right Air as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt




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3066 South 300 West, Salt Lake City, Utah 84115
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