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1509 Park Avenue, Park City 84060, Utah, Summit County, United States

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Park City Painting has the best plan in town for ensuring your home looks as beautiful as it has ever has with fresh paint and year-round maintenance.  Honesty, integrity, and ethics are our company culture, and we are Gephardt Approved.parkcity43.jpg" alt="" width="1068" height="538" />

If you’re looking for a painting company you can trust, you can turn to a company I trust: Park City Painting.

I trust Park City Painting because we have investigated the business background, history, owner Scott Simons, and the way they treat their clients.  As a result, I am proud to stand by Park City Painting, and endorse the company as Gephardt Approved.

“We provide honest, fair, and focused workmanship,” says Park City Painting owner, Scott Simons. “We have been specializing in painting for over 35 years now and continue to hold a proven track record.”

"We are passionate about our work.”

“We’ve painted almost anything you can think of. I started out doing paintings for military bases and now I have done work that includes painting the parking lot for the Olympics back in 2002. Further we’ve painted log homes, movie scenes and sets, residential and commercial properties. We do any and all painting jobs our clients want.”

"Park City Painting never fails to do beautiful work.”

– Kathy Lisa, customer.

Kathy Lisa, a Park City Painting customer of over 10 years tells me that she refuses to use any other painting vendor because of Park City Painting’s reliable service and guarantees. “I work for a maintenance company and we use Park City Painting as our painting vendor because they always get the job done. Not only are they reliable, they have great turn-around times and they stick to their word. Scott is a pleasure to work with.”

It’s this type of customer service that Scott says he looks for when finding the right staff members to join his team. “We all need to be on the same page with our jobs and this includes honesty. It’s also important that my team is professional, we have to be; we’re the face of change that people are relying on.”

Scott told me about a program he started that he believes is rather unique: a maintenance program. “It is the preparation to paint that takes most of the time and effort,” Scott told me. “So, we have a maintenance program where after a job is complete, we will come back every year, or whenever a customer wants, to touch up. Our maintenance program keeps a home always looking freshly painted, and all that expense for the initial preparation is gone.

“We take gratification in our work. Painting is not only our job but our lifestyle and we want to pass on our talent and expertise to our clients,” he says.

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So there you go: Park City Painting. Now you know what I know about Scott Simons and Park City Painting. You know about their history, their services, and the way they treat their clients.

Now you know why I endorse Park City Painting and why I am proud to declare this company as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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1509 Park Avenue, Park City 84060, Utah, Summit County, United States
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