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Pure Maintenance is the most affordable mold remediation solution in Utah. Not only will we give you the lowest price, we also guarantee our results. Our demolition free mold remediation methods make our services quick and pain free.

“I think they’re great,” proclaimed Tyker Belnap, a Pure Maintenance customer in South Weber.

“I think they’re honest and filled with integrity,” Chrissy Young told me.

Homeowners like Tyker and Chrissy are not the only ones singing the praises about the process of removing mold and keeping it away done by the Pure Maintenance company. 

 “…You really see people’s lives change…”

-Brandon Adams, Co-owner, Pure Maintenance

 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers studied the process.  The study was conducted in a dining facility and a barracks that included classrooms, restrooms, and office facilities.  They allowed Pure Maintenance to use their “dry-fog” treatment.  When the study was complete, the corps wrote:  “Air samples to date, three months after treatment have shown and continue to indicate complete treatment of all mold spores,” wrote Shane Hirschi and Dale Herron, researchers with the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center Laboratory in Champaign, Illinois.  “Surface samples taken after treatment indicate complete removal and continue to show no new mold growth to date.” (https://usace.contentdm.oclc.org/digital/collection/p16021coll8/id/3639 , click “view,” then scroll to page 30)

I have independently investigated the background of Pure Maintenance in Layton.  We looked at their licensing and insurance.  We looked at any possible actions by state and federal regulators.  We looked at the courts, and we looked at what consumers think of them.  As a result, I trust Pure Maintenance.  I endorse this company, I stand by them with my $1000 refund guarantee, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

 “…I’m so impressed…”

-Jeanne Harold, Customer, Lewiston, Utah

“We provide advanced mold and pathogen removal,” co-owner Brandon Adams told me.  “We make homes as healthy as we can for people to live in.”

The “dry-fog” patented method begins by asking homeowners to vacate their homes for about 4 hours.  Pure Maintenance technicians then fill the home with a fog so dense that the company owner says you can’t see your hand in front of your face. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JdoeHTPh7JU )

“It’s an EPA sterilant,” says co-owner Brandon Adams.   “It kills mold, bacteria, pathogens, and virus.  In fact, we just got put on the list for human corona virus.  We can officially say that the EPA endorses us to be able to kill that.”

Brandon says the process can keep mold and pathogens away for years.  “What we do makes surfaces very difficult for any mold, bacteria, or virus to land on or live on in the future.  We offer a 90 day guarantee for high-touch points, but we’ve tested surfaces that are still good 6 years after.”

“…I know that I can make people feel better…”

-Michael Blair, Co-owner

“My husband could not go 3 days without feeling sick because of the mold,” says customer Saydee Barrigan in Ogden.  “These guys got to it quickly, and after that my husband felt great.”

“We were exceptionally well treated.  I’m even on a first name basis with Toni at the company,” Camille Chipman of Provo told me.  “My family is very chemically sensitive.  We have had serious mold issues, and they have solved them for us.  They’ve even done our cars.  And if I have any needs or concerns, Toni fixes it.”

“The mold is all throughout the home,” says Brandon.  “It’s in the HVAC system, it’s moving through the house.  It’s in fabrics and cloths.  It’s in sheetrock, it’s in showers and washing machine membranes.  It’s everywhere.  But this fog goes everywhere to kill it, and then it remains on the surface to prevent a return.”

“I’m so impressed,” declared Jeanne Harold of Lewiston, Utah.  “My daughter has asthma, and trouble breathing.  After they fogged, she did way better.  Anything symptomatic disappeared.  Now, the kids don’t have headaches, and they’re not tired.”

“Nothing fires me up more than to go into a home that has a sick kid because of mold,” says co-owner Michael Blair.  “I know that this can make them feel better, and they’re going to feel better very quickly.”

As far as price for a treatment is concerned, co-owner Brandon Adams says “We’re usually half the price or less from traditional mediation companies.  The technology allows us to do it much faster.  Typically, mold remediation might take 4 or 5 days.  We do it in 4 or 5 hours.”

“I’ve recommended them to many people,” says customer Saydee Barrigan.

“Very friendly.  Very nice.  Not pushy at all,” says customer Tyker Belnap.

“I had it done at my uncle’s house.  He hasn’t been sick since,” says customer Chrissy Young.

“I would endorse their integrity and honesty,” says customer Camille Chipman.

“Their first priority is not to make money.  It is to help people,” says customer Jeanne Harold.

So, there you go:  Pure Maintenance in Layton.  Now you know what my investigation into their background has found.  Now you know what customers think, and now you know why I am proud to support Pure Maintenance, and endorse the company as Gephardt Approved.

 -Bill Gephardt

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1664 Woodland Park Drive, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States
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