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Imagine a business whose owners seemed more interested in educating customers about their product than selling the product.  That’s what I think I found when I visited Quality Roofing & Energy.  And the customers I spoke with feel the same way:

“He did not seem to try to sell me anything,” said Jeff Marshall, a customer in Eagle Mountain, Utah.  Jeff is referring to company co-owner Tony Castillo.  “He just talked about all the options, and what made a good roof, and what made a bad roof.”

“…I want customers to know what they’re getting…”

-Tony Castillo, Co-Owner, Quality Roofing & Energy

“Tony sat down and gave me an education on roofing,” customer Dave Pierpont told me from his home in Eagle Mountain.  “I was real happy he took the time to show me.  I made educated decisions.”

Remarks like that are exactly what owners Tony and Melanie Castillo want to hear.  Tony says he got into the roofing business for himself because he worked for others over the years, and he saw a better way.  “I’ve been around the block and I’ve seen customers taken advantage of,” Tony told me.  “One company told me if I think I can do it better, then go do it.  So I did.”

“…after [Tony] got involved, insurance paid the whole thing…”

-Sherrie Zenger, Customer, Quality Roofing & Energy

Melanie and Tony Castillo are the owners of the company and, in my view, produced an honest company filled with integrity, producing a trail of happy customers.  You see, we investigated Quality Roofing & Energy.  We looked into their licensing and insurance.  We looked at their records with both state and federal courts.  We talked with customers and found out what state enforcers had to say.  As a result, I support and endorse this company, and I am proud to declare Quality Roofing & Energy as Gephardt Approved.

“…solar isn’t for everyone…”

-Melanie Castillo, Co-Owner, Quality Roofing & Energy

So far, we have talked about roofing, but the company also installs solar energy panels.  But the owners say solar is not for everyone.  “We’re not here to put solar on your roof just so we can get paid,” declared company owner Melanie Castillo.  “It has to make sense for the customer, financially.   We don’t have salespeople when it comes to solar energy.  We call them energy advisors for good reason.”

Melanie says they evaluate customer usage, and possible tax breaks for the home’s area.  “There are many factors that go into the equation,” she says.  “If it works, it works.  Very often, it really is not a good fit for customers.”

“He came from the clouds of heaven,” customer Sherrie Zenger gushed about Tony Castillo from her home in Clearfield.  The wind came up one night, and damaged her roof.  She says the insurance company would only pay one third of the cost.  “Tony spoke their language, and after he got involved, the insurance company covered the whole thing.”

When I heard about this pattern of praise from many of his customers, I got the impression that Tony Castillo had become an advocate for his customers.  “People only put on maybe one roof in their whole lifetime, so they don’t know about their options,” Tony told me.  “When I get up on [a customer’s] roof, I find things.  Insurance companies use technology to look at roofs.  They use satellite images or drone pictures and can miss problems.  But when you actually walk the roofs, you find things that insurance should cover.  All I’m doing is finding the discrepancies, and I point them out. I’m generally pretty successful at getting insurance to pay for roofs.”

“…he came back to make sure everything was perfect.  Nobody does that…”

-Dave Pierpont, Customer, Quality Roofing & Energy

“They’re really great,” customer Brandon Haslam told me.  His home is in Eagle Mountain.  “He (Tony) was up front and honest.  And, he got insurance to pay when they weren’t going to pay for the wind damage.”

“And then, after the installation, Tony came around to visit us a few times to make sure everything was perfect,” said customer Dave Pierpont.  “Nobody does that.”

“Yep, Tony came out after the job,” said customer Brandon Haslam.  “We’re actually friends now.”

“I think he just comes by to make sure everything is cleaned up,” customer Sherrie Zenger told me.  “He’s making sure there are not nails laying on the ground and stuff like that.  I really can’t say enough about this man.”

So there you have it:  Quality Roofing & Energy.  Now you know my investigation found this company to be filled with customer service and integrity.  Now you know what customers of this company have told me about how they were treated.  And now you know why I am proud to support and endorse Quality Roofing & Energy, and why I am glad to declare them Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt


Location:  3688 E Campus Drive, Ste 101, Eagle Mountain, Utah  84005

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