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Let me introduce you to a unique company: Red Barn Movers in Farmington.  It is a professional moving company, but it is also a construction company, a restaurant, and a thrift store.

And what is unique about all of it is the fact that the real mission of all those companies is saving lives through the program known as the Red Barn Academy.

“We have a number of businesses, and plan to have more,” says Michael Haws, the Red Barn Academy executive director and founder.  “But ultimately, this is a work program designed to get people off of drugs, out of crime, and away from a ruined life in and out of jail.  We are here to save lives.”

“…best moving company I have ever used…”

-Susanne Smith, Customer of Red Barn Movers

So, if you are looking for a moving company you can trust, you can turn to a company I trust:  Red Barn Movers.  I trust this company because we have thoroughly investigated them.  We have looked through the federal and state courts.  We have looked at them through the various enforcers at state and local licensing and business agencies.  And, I’ve personally spoken with many of their customers.  As a result, I trust and endorse Red Barn Movers, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“They are without a doubt the best moving company I have ever used,” customer Susanne Smith told me from her home in Peoa, Utah.  “I will never use another company!”

“They are amazing,” declared Jon Asay from his home in Kaysville, Utah.  “They are so meticulous.  Customer service is over the top.  They really want their customers to be happy.”

All of the customers to whom I spoke were fully aware that Red Barn Movers is entirely staffed by the 2 to 3 year live-in residents of Red Barn Academy, and that they are all in drug and alcohol recovery.  Customers are aware that all the movers have been arrested multiple times for crimes related to drugs.  Now, they are all living on the campus of the Red Barn Academy in a two or three year program devoted to saving each of their once broken lives.  Through living, work, and education, each is working to return to society as productive contributors.

“…we hold each other accountable…”

-Michael Haws, Founder Red Barn Movers

Said customer Jordan Rose from his home in Bountiful, Utah, “People might expect something to go missing, but nothing ever came up missing in 10 different moves.”

“I have never had a bad experience with these guys,” declared customer Susanne Smith.

“We hold each other accountable,” says founder Michael Haws, himself an admitted drug addict of 15 years.  Red Barn Movers began in 2017, and gets its structure and philosophy from a San Francisco organization called Delancy Street ( https://www.delanceystreetfoundation.org/ ).  Michael Haws himself spent a couple years at Delancy Street recovering from a life of drugs and crime after his younger brother died of an overdose.  

“I needed to straighten up,” says Michael Haws.  “I spent time in various recovery centers, what I call high priced jitter joints.  I think they have certain success rates, like 20 per cent or so, but I think they set people up to fail.  The average heroin addict has to go to rehab 5 times, and that’s like $150,000.   You just can’t change years of your rotten life in 30 or 60 days.

“Then, I spent 2 years living at Delancy Street.  It’s boot camp.  It’s up at 5:00 am.  We hold each other accountable.  In the evenings after a day of work, we get together and call each other out on stuff for being duplicitous.  It’s discipline and accountability.   It changed me.  I have integrity.

“And that’s what we’re doing at Red Barn Academy, Red Barn Movers, and our construction company, thrift store, and restaurant.”  

All of it is 100% supported by the work of the residents.  Families and taxpayers pay for none of this.  

“…I have recovered the core values I had lost…”

-Jake Gentry, resident Red Barn Academy

A few of the residents stick around Red Barn Academy.  Jeffrey Reese is now the director of operations.  “We have no reports of people stealing or being disrespectful to our customers, despite the fact that our workers have spent multiple times in jail.  We don’t send people out right away, and when we do, we hold each other accountable for everything.  They give up 2 years of their lives, like me, to reinvent themselves and become productive members of society.”

Jake Gentry changed his life living and working at Red Barn Academy.  “I was living a toxic life.  I pushed everyone and everything away from me.  They didn’t want to be around me.  But now they do because I have recovered the core values I lost:  integrity, honesty, accountability, and love for myself and others.”

“I spent 15 years of my life in and out of jail,” says resident Luis Mariscal.  “Today, I can look at myself in the mirror, and I like that I see someone who is potentially going to be successful.  My family wants me around again.  And the last police officer who arrested me sees the change.  She didn’t even recognize me.  It’s great.”

Customer Jon Asay says, “I don’t think you can tell the story of how good they work without talking about the Red Barn Academy program.  They really hold these guys accountable.  If there’s an issue, they fix it.”

“These are the movers I will always use,” says Susanne Smith.  “They are accountable and very well trained.  These guys are so grateful to be here to be given a second chance.”

So, there you have it:  Red Barn Movers.  Now you know our independent investigation into this company revealed no issues whatsoever.  And now you know what customers told me.  And now you know why I trust, support, and endorse Red Barn Movers, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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