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“They really do great work,” said customer Judy Jackman in Lehi, Utah.

“I absolutely loved everything they did,” declared customer Brandon Stauffer in Salt Lake City, Utah.  

These are just 2 of the many customers I talked with who did business with Sego Builders located in Lehi, Utah.

That’s just what owner William Sullivan wants to hear.  He says he keeps people happy in part by making his business all about explaining everything about a project to a homeowner or business owner.  “People might be as informed as I am about building and construction.  So, it’s an education process from planning, through progress, and to completion.”  Also, Sullivan says, whatever price is agreed upon is the maximum amount his company will charge.

“Customers have really appreciated the process that we walk them through,” says Sullivan.  “I want to do right by the customer no matter what!”

Furthermore, I have thoroughly investigated the background of Sego Builders and owner William Sullivan.  We have examined their licensing and insurance.  We have looked at state and federal court records.  And I have personally talked with customers of the company.  As a result, I trust and endorse Sego Builders, and I am proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.  Also, I am very confident in backing them with my $1000 guarantee!

“…[my employees] they take pride in their work….”

-William Sullivan, Owner Sego Builders

Owner William Sullivan has over 20 years of experience as a licensed electrician, so he knows what it’s like for his employees.  And, he knows that knowledgeable and caring employees combined with top notch morale passes excellent work on to customers.  “I wanted to make sure that even as a small company I pay my guys what they need and what they are worth,” said Sullivan.  “I believe that has done well for us.  Our guys don’t quit.  They figure out problems.  We socialize with everybody and treat everybody like family.  I think that philosophy has led to great performance on the job.  They take pride in their work.”

“…now I’ve finally found a contractor I plan to always use…”

-David Clark, Customer Sego Builders

“They explained everything,” customer Judy Jackman told me.  Judy had another contractor start work on a home addition, only to abandon the job.  So, Judy found Sego Builders.  “They immediately took off from where the other contractor stopped, and the work was great.  They showed up on time, explained everything.  They even caught things I didn’t notice.  It was perfect.”

“Willliam Sullivan is a very pleasant guy,” said David Clark in Sarasota Springs, Utah.  “We had an appointment with another worker at Sego Builders to do some electrical work. But that worker got sick.  So the owner [Sullivan] showed up himself.  I was very impressed.  You know, I’ve dealt with a few other contractors in my home, but now I’ve finally found one I plan to always use.”

“…The thing I appreciate is their great work…”

-Joseph Bohr, Customer Sego Builders

In addition to being a master electrician, William Sullivan now adds general contracting work for both homeowners and businesses.  His company completed an over one million dollar electrical job in a building at Utah State University for Nelson Partners.  “The work was completed on time, and on budget,” wrote Nelson Partners executive Bob Hildebrand.  “More importantly, Sego Builders brought the life back to the project.  Their team of highly experienced journeyman electricians provided the energy we needed to get the project back on track.”

So, there you go:  Sego Builders.  Now you know what I know about the company and owner’s background.  And, now you know what customers have told me about the company.  So now you know why I am confident of the quality of the work, and the integrity of the owner.  That’s why I am proud to declare Sego Builders as Gephardt Approved.

Joseph Bohr of Heber City, Utah:  “The thing I appreciate is their great work.” 

Judy Jackman of Lehi, Utah:  “I have already referred them to someone else.” 

Brandon Stauffer of Salt Lake City, Utah:  “They were just amazing.”

David Clark of Sarasota Springs, Utah:  “They did an absolutely terrific job.” 


--Bill Gephardt

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