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1960 South Painter Lane, West Haven 84401, Utah, Weber County, United States

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The Leader in Towing and Recovery for over 65 years!

If you need a tow and you’re looking for a company you can trust, you can turn to a company I trust, Stauffers Towing.

I trust Stauffers Towing because we have investigated the company background, including their licensing, history, and the way they treat their customers.  We have also looked into the background of owner Kurtis Stauffer.

As a result, I am proud to endorse Stauffers Towing and declare them Gephardt Approved.

“We love helping and servicing the public.”

“Helping and servicing the public is something we enjoy, and we’re very passionate about our customers,” says owner Kurtis Stauffer.  “Towing is a very demanding job. And though sometimes it’s a difficult situation, we always try and give our customer’s the best possible experience with us.  We try and keep up with our quick response time and most importantly our customer satisfaction.”  

“We are extremely happy with their services!”

 – Chief David Hansen of Riverdale Police


“They always deal with things that no one else wants to deal with,” says David Hansen, the Riverdale police chief, and long-time customer.  “Since we’ve done business with them, we haven’t had any complaints!  Stauffers Towing is honest and reliable and we will continue to give them our business. We have never had a towing company show us this much respect and we are extremely happy with their services!”

That, of course, is music to the owner’s ears:  “Honest since 1981,” says Kurtis.

Stauffers Towing is growing in size and in area.  Tory Stauffer tells me he has 35 trucks based in Salt Lake City, Willard, Ogden, Layton, Morgan, Centerville, and Orem.   As of this writing, Tory says they are adding 2 additional towing vehicles. 

And, this fleet of towing vehicles is designed for all the various situations that come up, like large towing vehicles for semis or trailers and a vehicle designed to clean up fuel spills.  “We move houses, trees, and trains,” says Kurtis.   “We can move box cars and planes.

“Every single job is different, and it can be very demanding.  But is also very rewarding because if you can recover vehicle without damages, that’s perfect.  It takes practice and skill to do it right.”

You’ll get no argument from customer Burt Smith of Smith and Edwards.  “They moved a big box car nobody would deal with. They brought it out on the truck, no pain at all. The service is great they are very honest. Honesty carries them across.”

“It’s important that we are always fully equipped and prepared for any job,” says Kurtis.  “We’re trained for about any situation.  We have special equipment for fuel spills, and we always make ourselves available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.  We will always get to the job as soon as possible, because people can’t wait.”

Kurtis tells me he searches for the best people to handle the needs of his customers. “All of Stauffers Towing's staff has to have a CDL License and they all have to be certified in the state of Utah.  Stauffers Towing's training is very crucial and mandatory.  This job requires a lot of skill and patience so it’s important I keep my crew up to date on equipment training and pass along my experience to them.”  

So there you go: Stauffers Towing. Now you know what I know about the company, and the dedication from owner Kurtis Stauffer. You know about their services and the way they treat their customers.

And now you know why I trust Stauffers Towing and why I am proud to declare Stauffers Towing as Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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1960 South Painter Lane, West Haven 84401, Utah, Weber County, United States
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