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Utah's Premier Dental Implant Center

“The experience was absolutely top notch,” said Michael B., a Centerville patient of Stubbs Dental.

“They change lives,” declared Shar in Salt Lake.  “They really pride themselves in what they do.”

That is what every patient of Stubbs Dental told me, and it is precisely what founder Dr. David Stubbs has worked to build.  “From the patient’s standpoint, we get to change someone,” Stubbs told me.  “It’s not just their smile or their appearance.  That’s important.  But we also get to see a change in the way they are in many other ways.  It is the little things, like eating an apple, to the big things like watching people become social and happy again.”

Stubbs Dental is in the business of fixing people’s smiles and their health through surgically and painlessly removing teeth, and replacing them with permanent implants.

…it changed my life…”

 -Michael B, Stubbs Dental Patient

I have independently investigated Stubbs Dental, as well as Dr. David Stubbs, and the dentists who work for him.  I have investigated their licensing and insurance.  I have investigated state and federal court records involving Stubbs Dental.  And, I’ve investigated the way the company, at its four locations, treats its patients.  As a result, I am proud to support and endorse Stubbs Dental.  I am proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.

It seems at Stubbs Dental, it’s more than surgeries and procedures.  All the patients I talked with raved about the staff, from the front desk to the dentists. “They’re fabulous.  So personable,” said patient Carolyn.  “I don’t know where they find these people, but they are all so friendly and personable.”

“This work is a commitment,” patient Shar told me.  “And it can be emotional.  The office staff walked me through every step of the way.  They never let me get emotionally upset.  All of them made me feel comfortable.”

…When I saw how it changed peoples’ lives, that was for me…”

-Dr. David Stubbs, Stubbs Dental Founder

Dr. Stubbs told me everyone in his offices believes in what they are doing. “From the front desk person to the assistants to the doctors.  We all take you through every step of the way.  This is a really cool thing we are doing.”

Dr. Stubbs says he knew he has wanted to be a dentist from the time he was in kindergarten.  “And as the years went by, I kept sticking with it.  It’s all I really wanted to do,” he says.  “And then through college and dental school, I found I was really good at surgery.  I really picked that up.  I felt really comfortable with it.  And, when I saw how it changed people’s lives, that was it for me.”

But in addition to helping patients, Dr. Stubbs told me he wants something for his staff and his community.  “Our vision is to have an impact on our community.  I want to help out the families of the people we employ…the people who have chosen to have careers with us.  So, yes.  We change the lives of our patients.  But what we do is important in terms of our employees, and the communities we are in.”

To that end, Dr. Stubbs has set up a monthly giveaway program to help people with paying for the dental work they need.  “We donate to some individuals or groups in the community, regularly.  It’s a program.  We do it every month.”

“I can’t sing their praises enough,” declared Carolyn of Sunset, Utah.  “All my teeth came out, and implants went in and I loved the result and the whole experience.  It didn’t even hurt!”

It is a financial commitment to have teeth replaced with implants, but Dr. Stubbs says he sets his prices based on what it takes to have top technology.  And still, he says, his prices are on the low end.  “We have it down to exactly how much to charge for the best results to keep the offices running.”

“…I was touched in my heart by these people who are real people…”

-Shar G., Stubbs Dental Patient

Still, Dr. Stubbs says he knows it can be a big investment.  He asks patients to assess what it will take to make them happy, healthy, and confident moving forward.  “It’s a big investment,” Dr. Stubbs told me.  “But it’s better than seeing patients suffer.  When it comes to snap-ons and dentures, you don’t find a decent percentage that are really really happy with those procedures.  It’s not a good solution for them. 

“With what we do, patients see an actual solution.  They leave here saying this is awesome, and they don’t have to suffer for the rest of their lives.”

“It changed my life,” says patient Michael.  I got my confidence back.  I’m not hiding my face.  It was absolutely worth it not just for appearance, but also for my health.”

“They love what they do.  They change lives,” says patient Shar.  “I was touched in my heart by these people who are real people.”

So, there you go…Stubbs Dental with their 4 locations (so far) in northern Utah.  Now you know what my investigation revealed about the company, and now you know how they treat their patients.  And now you know why I confidently support and endorse Stubbs Dental, and why I am proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.

--Bill Gephardt

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