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1580 Antelope Drive, # 250, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States

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Deliver the Most Advanced Non-Invasive Medical Treatments Available Anywhere in the World

If you’re looking for cosmetic surgery, Botox, hair removal, or eyelash extensions, and you’re looking for a place I trust, you could turn to Surface Medical Spas.

I have investigated Surface Medical Spas, and its owner Dr. Aaron Barson. I dug into their history. I looked at their services, and the way they treat their patients. As a result, I endorse Surface Medical Spas, and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“We’re well known for our natural breast augmentation procedure and our Encore Facelift procedure,” Surface Medical Spas owner Dr. Aaron Barson tells me. “The majority of our patients are able to return to work or their regular activities a day after the facelift procedure. We can also perform laser hair removal, Botox, and laser skin tightening just to name a few. We offer free consultations and all of our treatments are designed for short recovery times.”

“They explained the entire process and what I could expect.” 

- Chelsie Ostler, patient.

“I thought the recovery time for my procedure was very manageable, says patient Chelsie Ostler. “I received liposuction in several different areas. Dr. Barson and his staff explained very clearly what to expect. I am really happy I went through with the procedure."

Dr. Barson told us the natural breast augmentation procedure is very different than other breast augmentations that involve silicone or saline implants. “Natural breast augmentations involve the transferring of fat from one portion of the body to the breasts. We use the patient’s own fat for the procedure. The fat is taken from areas like the stomach or thighs and is then injected into the breasts.”

“In 2011 I really wanted a mommy makeover,” says patient, Emily Lewis. “I did a lot of research, and decided early on, that I wanted a breast augmentation but I did not want to put any foreign objects into my body. I came across Dr. Barson and his natural breast augmentation procedure. I am beyond thrilled with my results and the procedure has given me a lot of confidence.”

“I’ve studied under the best doctors around the world.”

Dr. Barson tells us he learned about natural breast augmentations nearly 15 years ago while attending a conference in Manhattan. “In my field, I think it’s very important to learn about procedures from the people who created them. For this reason I have traveled all over the world studying underneath the doctors who invented the procedures. These doctors have spent years perfecting the procedures.”

“Dr. Barson and his staff are very welcoming,” says patient, Emily Lewis. “Over the past 4 years they have become family, and we keep in contact. I feel comfortable recommending family and friends to them.”

“We care about our patients, and helping them achieve their goals.”

“We believe in treating our patients like family,” says Dr. Barson. “It’s extremely important for me to create a welcoming environment for my patients. They’re coming to us because they want to change something about themselves and they want that service performed by someone who cares.”

“I was beyond thrilled with my results,” says patient Chelsie Ostler. “Dr. Barson and his staff took incredible care of me. Every appointment I had was just fantastic. They staff is extremely friendly. They followed up with me after my services to make sure I was doing well. I am already looking ahead to other procedures in the future.”

“Making people happy is one of the best things about my job,” says Dr. Barson. “I realize that Surface Medical Spas is not curing cancer but we’re providing a service that is very important to people. People care about their self-image and the way they present themselves. We love helping achieve the appearance they want.”

So there you go: Surface Medical Spas. Now you know what I know about Dr. Aaron Barson. You know about his history and his services. You know about his staff and the way they treat their patients.

Now you know why I endorse Surface Medical Spas and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt


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1580 Antelope Drive, # 250, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States
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