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If you are looking for a company I trust for all of your heating and air conditioning needs, you can turn to True Pros Heating and Air.  I trust this company because I have investigated their background, and that of its owner, Katy Higgins.  We looked into court records, licensing records, and any history of official or customer complaints.  

As a result of all this, I trust True Pros Heating and Air, I endorse them, and I’m truly proud to declare the company Gephardt Approved.

“…I’m trying to bring transparency back into our industry…”

-Katy Higgins, Owner, True Pros Heating and Air

“They are amazing,” declared customer Lisa Sterbenz of Holliday, Utah.  “They go way, way above and beyond.”

“They did exactly what they said they would do,” customer Adrienne Spinter of Salt Lake City, Utah told me.  “And they did it on time, and for the quoted price.  Where do you get that kind of customer service these days?”

That sort of review is precisely what owner Katy Higgins strives for in every customer.  Katy has been in the heating and air conditioning business for 25 years, and we found she is the holder of several construction and contracting licenses and certifications in Utah.  

Katy says there is a problem in her industry:  TRUST.  “Our industry is pretty unregulated when it comes to pricing,” Katy tells me.  “I’m trying to bring transparency back into our industry.  For example, we see a lot of ads for free this and free that.  Nothing is free.  They’ve built it into the pricing somewhere.”

“…I mean she cares about everyone…”

-Shari Mowry, Lead Installer, True Pros Heating and Air

In fact, as one of the first women to own and operate a heating and air conditioning company in Utah, Katy Higgins has written a guide…a mini-book, if you will, called, “How Not to Get Ripped Off by an HVAC Salesperson.” (https://promo.truepros.com/rippedoff).

“I just felt like customers were being taken advantage of, and I want to do what I can to stop it,” Katy says.

“I mean, she cares about everyone.”  Those are the words of True Pros Heating and Air lead technician Shari Mowry.  “I followed {Katy} over to her company just because she treats her employees so well.”  

And, Shari says the care and treatment of employees trickles down to customers.  “Oh yeah.  If there is ever a problem, for example, we will come back and fix anything, even if it’s not something that is our fault.  We’ve even come back and fixed stuff when there was nothing wrong, but the customer just wanted it to be a little different.  You really feel good about yourself and your customers when you work here.”

“…The whole job was…about a thousand dollars less…”

-Adrienne Spinter, customer, True Pros Heating and Air

“True Pros is just so fast and efficient,” said customer Adrienne Spinter.  “The whole job was done in a day, and it was the same furnace other companies had for about a thousand dollars less.”

Customer Lisa Sterbenz added, “I was blown away by the price difference.  I got multiple quotes, too.  And they sent 2 crews with three people, and got the new furnace installed in one day.  They are amazing.”

So there you have it:  True Pros Heating and Air.  Now you know that my investigation revealed a company history of honesty and integrity.  Now you know the glowing reviews customers offered me.  And now you know why I am proud to endorse True Pros Heating and Air as Gephardt Approved.

“I want to thank you for calling me and talking about Katy,” exclaimed customer Adrienne Spinter.

“I’ve already recommended them to others,” said customer Lisa Sterbenz.

-Bill Gephardt

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Davis County, Layton 84041, Utah, Davis County, United States
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