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4275 State Street, Murray 84107, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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If you need to buy a car and you’re having trouble getting the financing, you can turn to a company I trust: Utah Credit Approval.

I trust Utah Credit Approval, because we investigated this company and its owner Melissa Roberts. We checked out their history, licensing, and the way they treat their clients.

As a result, I trust and endorse Utah Credit Approval and I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

“We find a way for people to purchase the vehicle they want.”

- Melissa Roberts, CEO

Utah Credit Approval


“We are here to help people with bad credit get the financing they need to buy a great vehicle,” says Melissa Roberts, CEO of Utah Credit Approval. “If our customers get turned down by a lender, we’ll give them a call to see what we can do. We find a way for people to purchase the vehicle they want.”

Melissa tells me she worked in the Special Financing Department of a big dealership, and noticed a lot of consumers were turned away because of bad credit. In fact, as a single mother of three children in need of a new car, she found many credit institutions basically told her to hit the road. “Credit institutions would not take the time to help me,” Melissa told me. “I felt judged by the dealers.”

“At Utah Credit Approval, we help consumers find a great car at the best possible interest rate with the best possible lender,” says Melissa.

“Our Finance Director, Big Ed [Ed Cameron], has been in the car industry for 30 years and he has a great relationship with the lenders. We have 13 different credit institutions we work with so we have a lot of options.”

Joel McIlvain tells us he went to Utah Credit Approval when he needed a new car, and so far has purchased two vehicles with their assistance. “Utah Credit Approval is just great!,” says Joel. “I was quite honestly in a tough spot financially. They treated me like a person, and bent over backwards to help me. I have nothing but good things to say about them. I bought two cars from them.”

Melissa is proud to tell me they help their customers find the best possible financing, but they also help them get into the vehicle they want. “We take the time to help our customers find the vehicle they want, year and make,” Melissa tells me. “We won’t force people into a car they don’t want.”

“It was not the typical car buying experience,” Joel tells us. “They did not push me toward a certain make or model. It was very much what you want, based on your needs and your budget. They will find the car you are looking for. They are extremely friendly. Their follow up is amazing.”

Melissa tells me after her own experience, they will always give everyone a fair shot. “Our customers know we are not going to judge them beforehand,” says Melissa. “We don’t turn our nose on people. We know it’s our job to let the lenders make the decision.”

So there you go: Utah Credit Approval: Now you know what our investigation revealed about this company and their commitment to helping people.

And now you know why I trust Utah Credit Approval, and why I am proud to declare them Gephardt Approved.

-Bill Gephardt

Agent/Representative, Service Provider


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4275 State Street, Murray 84107, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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