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620 West 12300 South, Draper 84020, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States

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Let Velocity Auto Sales show you how easy it is to buy a quality used car in Draper, Salt Lake City. We believe fair prices, superior service, and treating customers right leads to satisfied repeat buyers. Shop our virtual showroom of vehicles.


There are hundreds of auto dealers along the Wasatch Front, all offering gimmicks, sales, and deals. This can make finding an auto dealership that will treat you fairly a difficult task. Well, let me tell you about one I trust: Velocity Auto Sales. They have agreed to strictly abide by the Gephardt Approved Auto Dealers Code of Ethics, which goes way above state and federal laws when it comes to consumer protection. We have investigated the company background and the way they treat their customers. Put that all together, and you know why I trust Velocity Auto Sales, and why I am proud to endorse them as Gephardt Approved.

Co-owners Christopher Bird and Marcus Blair tell me they are the fastest growing car dealership in the state of Utah. “Five years ago I decided to enter the auto dealer business and bought my first car,” Marcus tells me. “That car was on a dirt lot down in Orem. Today we are in a beautiful, clean facility, and are one of the top independent auto dealers in Utah. In fact, we consistently provide more loans through Utah credit unions than almost any other dealership in Utah. That means we are helping the local economy instead of sending out most loans to big banks and other lenders.

When I asked them the secret of their growth, Christopher and Marcus explained their business philosophy. “Car buyers in Utah all go to the same couple of places to buy their used cars. That means everybody is offering the same thing, at the same price,” Marcus says. “We have an extraordinary team of buyers searching all over the country for the very best inventory at the very best prices. We have customers who are constantly on the internet looking for the very best deals on the most in demand cars out there. And it turns out, we have the same or better deals right here. We do our homework, and will even shop online with our customers to show them they are getting the best deal. We price our cars on their market value, not on financing or payments. Apples to apples, we guarantee the lowest price on every one of our vehicles.”

“There Is No Better Deal Out There”

Christopher and Marcus tell me that 90% of the vehicles that they buy still have manufacturer warranties on them. “With the exception of trade-ins, most of the vehicles we sell are less than four years old. “We also have a full service shop right here on the premises. We are able to fix every vehicle that we buy to nearly new condition in our full service mechanic, auto body and detail shops right here on-site and these services are available to our customers only. We don’t do anything with cars that didn’t come from our lot. Plus we offer full disclosures on every vehicle with Carfax.”

With business practices like these, both Christopher and Marcus tell me they turn their cars over very quickly. “We are a very high volume used car dealership,” Marcus says. “If someone sees a car they love, but wants to see what other dealers are offering, it will be gone within three weeks, and they have lost that vehicle.” Chris explains that they sell only the hottest, in-demand vehicles in the market. “Our focus is on reliable, well-made vehicles that people want to be driving. Plus, knowing we are offering the best price out there takes pressure off our sales staff. There is no negotiating on price; which gives them an opportunity to really build a relaxed relationship with our customers,” he tells me. “That is what brings people back to our dealership.”

“People have been conditioned to believe that the price on a car is very inflated and that they need to argue with the salesperson to get the price to go down. When customers come through our doors and find there is none of that going on here, they are surprised and relieved,” Marcus says. “We have built our business model around the concept of up-front pricing, and have found people really appreciate it.”

So, Velocity Auto Sales: Now you know what our investigation has found in the background of this company. Now you know the owners’ business model, now you know why I trust Velocity Auto Sales, and why I am proud to endorse this company as Gephardt Approved.

~ Bill Gephardt



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620 West 12300 South, Draper 84020, Utah, Salt Lake County, United States
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